Man and woman with serious faces holding squash raquets behind black studio background
Man and woman with serious faces holding squash raquets behind black studio background


Squash your competition! If you’re looking for a fast-paced, ultra-competitive sport—squash might be for you. Don’t let the seemingly small court fool you: Squash is an incredibly challenging form of cardio that also provides a great workout for your upper and lower body all at once. In fact, some studies have shown that squash is one of the best ways to get—and stay—fit thanks to its rigorous pacing and the players’ desire to play consistently.

Many people can safely enjoy squash, though anyone with a heart condition should consult a doctor before playing such a high-intensity sport. If you’re a competitive person or you enjoy sports that are fast and intense, squash is an excellent option to explore. Similar to other racquet sports, there is a bit of a learning curve to squash and it becomes more enjoyable as you sharpen your skills. On the plus side, practicing and playing informally are a lot of fun so it won’t feel like work to improve your game.

Modeled after a similar game called racquets, squash was invented in England in the 1830s. Much like tennis, the sport has evolved over time to include better rules, consistent court specifications, and technologically advanced equipment. Squash enjoyed a moderately steady rise to popularity over time that has increased significantly in recent years. Many people are lobbying to make squash an Olympic event, and it’s listed among some of the fastest-growing sports in the United States.

The first thing you’ll need to start playing squash is a racquet. Modern squash racquets come in a variety of materials for improved play and durability. Next up are squash shoes, which are very important because squash is played on an indoor court and most gyms and clubs have very strict rules about squash footwear. You’ll want a squash shoe with a non-marking, “sticky” outsole for reliable traction and good cushioning to keep your joints comfortable as you dart around the court. You’ll also want some squash balls, which come in hard and soft options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced play. Finally, don’t forget eye protection! Hitting a ball back and forth at high speeds in close quarters creates an increased risk for serious eye injury. Be sure to invest in a sturdy pair of squash goggles to safeguard your vision.

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