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HEAD Tennis Racquets

HEAD Tennis Racquets

If you’re looking for guidance in choosing the right HEAD tennis racquet, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • The most popular HEAD racquets (and what makes them so popular)
  • How to pick the best racquet for your preferences and needs
  • FAQ (For example: What’s the best HEAD racquet for tennis elbow?

So if you’re ready to dive in…

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    Tennis Racquets: HEAD GEO Speed Tennis Racquets: HEAD GEO Speed
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      Tennis Racquets: HEAD Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racquets: HEAD Graphene XT Radical S
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            Tennis Racquets: HEAD Graphene XT Speed Midplus Tennis Racquets: HEAD Graphene XT Speed Midplus
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              Tennis Racquets: HEAD Graphene XT Radical Midplus Tennis Racquets: HEAD Graphene XT Radical Midplus
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                Tennis Racquets: HEAD Graphene XT Instinct Midplus Tennis Racquets: HEAD Graphene XT Instinct Midplus
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                Popular HEAD tennis racquets (And why they're so popular)

                HEAD Titanium Ti.S6: Explosive power, pre-strung racquet

                The Titanium Ti.S6 is the bestselling HEAD racquet of all time, and it’s the go-to power racquet for beginners.

                It’s built extremely light, making it easy for you to swing without your arm getting tired.

                And it’s got a massive head size, and therefore a larger sweet spot. This means that almost anywhere the ball hits the string you’ll generate explosive power.

                If you’re looking for more control, this probably isn’t your racquet. The Ti.S6 is all about fast swings and powerful shots.

                What you'll notice

                • Easy power

                Whether you have much arm strength or not, you’ll send the ball zipping over the net with this racquet. The large head size and stiff frame do all the work for you.

                • Fun to swing

                Because it’s such a light racquet, and it’s balanced to have a light swing weight, this racquet just feels good to play with. Where other heavier racquets can weigh you down over longer matches, the Ti.S6 keeps you energized.

                HEAD MicroGEL Radical OS: Control racquet for intermediate players

                Where the Ti.S6 is built for straight power, the MicroGEL Radical is built for the opposite: control.

                The Radical is very low on the flexibility score, opposed to the very stiff Ti.S6. This means that when you hit the ball, a large portion of the impact is absorbed by the racquet. This not only feels amazing on your arm, but it also won’t automatically blast the ball back in the other direction.

                This is ideal for players who are improving their skills and taking more control of their shots.

                What you'll notice

                • Smooth impact

                If the Ti.S6 is fun to swing, the MicroGEL Radical is fun to smack the ball. The unique microGEL technology distributes the ball impact evenly around the frame.

                HEAD Graphene 360+ Prestige MP: control & feel for intermediate-to-advanced players

                The 360+ Prestige MP is HEAD’s ultimate control racquet.

                It scores a 200 on the Control Power Index, where 100 is the most control, and 1,000 is the opposite, maximum power.

                It’s got a smaller head size, a heavier frame, and an 18x20 string pattern. This more dense string pattern helps you be more precise with where you send the ball.

                If you need power behind your shots, you’ll need to create your own playing with this racquet. Because the Prestige MP is all about maximum control over your shots.

                What you'll notice

                • Clean impact feel

                You’ll immediately see how this racquet keeps the power low as soon as you hit the first ball. And thanks to the 18x20 string pattern, you’ll see how much more precise you can be with where you put the ball.

                How to choose the best HEAD tennis racquet for you

                There are quite a few factors you’ll want to consider when picking your next tennis racquet.

                You’ve got the basics like the racquet head size, the weight, and the length. Then there are your personal preferences such as the string pattern, power VS control, and your personal playing style

                The good news is that tennis racquets typically fall into one of three categories:

                • Power racquets (or “improvement racquets”) for new player
                • Control racquets for advanced players (a.k.a. “Player racquets”)
                • Intermediate racquets which have features from both of the other categorie

                Now let’s break down the best tennis racquets for each of these categories


                If you’re a recreational tennis player, or if you’re completely new to the game, there are very specific features you’ll need in your racquet

                Since you haven’t yet built up your arm strength (for swinging a tennis racquet), you’ll need a lightweight racquet so your arm doesn’t get exhausted or injured.

                You’ll also need a stiff frame, as opposed to a flexible one, in order to generate power.

                • Best overall beginner racquet: Head Titanium Ti.S6

                There’s a reason this is HEAD’s bestselling racquet ever. The Ti.S6 is perfect for beginners who want a lot of power in their shots, and a light frame for easy swings.

                Intermediate players

                If you’ve got some experience and now you’re looking to improve your skills, you’ll want a racquet with specific features to help you develop your game.

                You’ll want a heavier racquet, with the weight shifted more into the grip. You’ll want a more flexible frame. And you’ll want a smaller head size. All of this gives you more control over your shots.

                • Best overall intermediate racquet for power: HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity S

                Players with a little more experience who still want some power from their racquet will appreciate the Gravity S. It’s also on the lighter end of the intermediate spectrum, making it easier to swing. And it’s got a more open string pattern for better spin

                • Best (pre-strung) intermediate racquet for power: HEAD Graphene XT Instinct MP

                If you’re more of a recreational player, and still interested in power, you may want a pre-strung model like the Instinct MP. It weighs a little more than the Gravity S, and it’s got a smaller head size. And while the Instinct MP isn’t quite as powerful as the Gravity S, it’s very close.

                • Best intermediate racquet for control: HEAD MicroGEL Radical MP

                For intermediate players more interested in control than power, the MicroGEL Radical MP is a great racquet. It’s heavier, more flexible, and has a smaller head size. And it’s got an 18x20 string pattern for more precise shots.

                • Best intermediate racquet for spin: HEAD Graphene 360+ Extreme MP

                If you’re more interested in putting spin on your shots, and still want a decent amount of power, you should take a look at the Extreme MP. It's got a higher string tension than both the Gravity S and the Instinct MP, which makes it better for putting spin on the ball. And even though it has the same string tension as the Radical MP, the Extreme MP is better for spin thanks to its 16x19, where the Radical is 18x20

                Advanced players

                Advanced players need a racquet that’s not going to hinder their shots like a power racquet, or even some intermediate racquets would.

                You’d want a head-heavy racquet, with a smaller head, and a much more flexible frame. This way you can dictate how you hit the ball, and where you send it.

                • Best advanced racquet for speed and power: HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed PRO

                If you’re more of an aggressive player who wants speed and a little power in their racquet, you’ll want to check out the Graphene 360+ Speed PRO. It’s pretty light for an advanced racquet for speed. It’s got a larger head size for power. And it has an 18x20 string pattern for precision.

                • Best advanced racquet for control: HEAD Graphene 360+ Prestige MID

                If you’re more of a counter puncher who likes to hang back and wait for their opponent to make a mistake, you’ll love the 360+ Prestige MID. This is a control racquet, meaning it’s heavier, has a smaller head, and a 16x19 string pattern.

                Frequently Asked Questions

                What’s the best HEAD tennis racquet for tennis elbow?

                If you’ve got tennis elbow, or you’d just like to choose an ideal racquet to help you avoid it altogether, you’ll want a racquet with vibration dampening technology.

                The Prestige MP would probably be your best bet. It’s one of their lightest racquets, and it has vibration dampening technology to absorb shock.

                How do I determine my grip size?

                Grip size is pretty easy to determine. Here’s the simplest way to do it:

                1. Grab a ruler, or you can pull up a ruler app on your phone
                2. Open your dominant hand (the hand you would hold the racquet in), notice the two horizontal creases in your palm
                3. Place the bottom of the ruler at the bottom (longest) crease of your pal
                4. Measure the length to the top of your ring finger

                If done correctly, you’ll come up with a measurement between 4” and 4 ⅝”

                When you go to choose your racquet, just select the appropriate grip size

                If you land in between grip sizes, or if you’re just in doubt, it’s always a good idea to go one size down. Then you can use tennis overgrips to increase the size to fit your hand perfectly.

                I need help deciding: Which would be the best HEAD tennis racquet to start with?

                • HEAD Titanium Ti.S6: Best pre-strung, under $100

                If you’re not necessarily “into” tennis, for example, you’re just playing casually with friends from time-to-time, a pre-strung racquet is great. And the Ti.S6 is the most popular HEAD racquet of all time.

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