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PROLITE Sports Pickleball Paddles

PROLITE Sports is one of the prominent pickleball brands on the market today, used by some of the top athletes in the sport. And we've compiled the top PROLITE Sports pickleball paddles for you here.

For a more in-depth review of the different PROLITE models, see our breakdowns below.

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    Pickleball Paddles: PROLITE Ignite I-Series Pickleball Paddles: PROLITE Ignite I-Series
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    PROLITE was the first brand to make a composite pickleball paddle, and they're still paving the way with innovative paddle technology today. Here are some of their top pickleball paddles.

    The PROLITE Rebel Powerspin 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

    The PROLITE Rebel Powerspin is a power paddle with an elongated face for extended reach. The first place the Rebel Powerspin gets its power from is the fiberglass facing material. Fiberglass is known for having more pop than a softer graphite material.

    This paddle also gives you extra power because of its longer head size at 16 inches. This gives you better leverage when hitting the ball.

    And yet another feature that makes the Rebel Powerspin such a hard-hitting paddle is the weight distribution. It's a head-heavy paddle that will give you more plow-through momentum behind your swing. When comparing the Rebel to the Crush Powerspin, the sweet spots are a little different.

    The Rebel Powerspin also has a larger sweet spot than the Crush Powerspin. This means the sweet spot is more spread out which gives you better consistency even if you don't hit the ball dead center.

    Who is the PROLITE Rebel Powerspin for?

    The Rebel Powerspin is for more casual players who want a focus on power and spin. Its sweet spot doesn't have quite as much pop as the Crush, but it's going to give you more consistent power across the face.

    The PROLITE Crush Powerspin 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

    The PROLITE Crush Powerspin is a power paddle for slightly more aggressive players. The Crush Powerspin is shorter than the Rebel at 15½ inches. This means it's got a more condensed, powerful sweet spot, but also a less consistent one since it's not as spread out.

    The Crush has a composite fiberglass face just like the Rebel. But one major difference you'll notice playing with the Crush is the weight distribution. The Crush has an even balance, as opposed to the Rebel's head-heavy balance. Having the weight evenly distributed will make the paddle feel lighter when you're swinging.

    This along with the shorter length will give you better maneuverability. The Crush does have a smaller grip size than the Rebel, at only 4⅛ inches in circumference. So if you've got bigger hands you may want to add an overgrip to your handle.

    Who is the PROLITE Crush Powerspin for?

    Like the Rebel, the Crush is for players who want power and spin out of their paddle. But where the Rebel is going to offer more plow-through power and more consistency, the Crush is going to have better maneuverability and a sweet spot that gives a little more pop when you hit the ball just right.

    PROLITE Supernova Pro Pickleball Paddle

    The PROLITE Supernova Pro is a performance-level control paddle that also gives you plenty of pop. The Supernova Pro has an oversized sweet spot, which means even if you don't hit the ball dead center, you'll still return with consistent power.

    It has a carbon fiber face material to give you better touch. And to make sure you can still generate plenty of power, the Supernova Pro has a head-heavy design. But what will really stand out to you bout this paddle is the grippy surface. In fact, it's almost like playing with a tennis racquet. This makes the Supernova Pro great for generating spin.

    The Supernova Pro has a wider face and therefore more spread-out sweet spot compared to the Ignite I-Series. This means even if you don't hit the ball in the very center, you'll have more consistency in how you return it. And the Supernova Pro's handle is a little longer compared to the Ignite, which gives you the option to hit two-handed shots a little easier.

    Who is the PROLITE Supernova Pro for?

    The PROLITE Supernova Pro is for advanced and professional pickleball players, especially players looking to generate spin easier.

    The PROLITE Ignite I-Series Pickleball Paddle

    The PROLITE Ignite I-Series is a control paddle with excellent touch. It's got a carbon fiber face which has a dampening effect when you hit the ball. Unlike fiberglass which has more of a pop, and lends to more power. This makes the Ignite I-Series ideal for players looking to improve their soft game. You'll have to generate more of your own power to return regular shots. But the Ignite I-Series will help you better return fast volleys and dink shots.

    Who is the PROLITE Ignite I-Series for?

    The PROLITE Ignite I-Series is great for players looking to focus on defense and their soft game. If you're not worried about generating power, and you prefer a paddle with great touch, then the Ignite I-Series is probably what you're looking for.

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