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Overhead shot of indoor pickleball court
Overhead shot of indoor pickleball court
Overhead shot of indoor pickleball court


Serve “ace” with a smile! If you want a fast-paced, easy-to-learn sport—racquetball might be for you. While the court may seem much smaller than a tennis court, don’t let that fool you into thinking racquetball is less physically demanding: Racquetball is an intense sport that combines cardio with an upper- and lower-body workout for those seeking to stay fit and have fun while doing so.

Many people can safely enjoy racquetball, though anyone with a heart condition should consult a doctor before playing such a high-intensity sport. If you’re a competitive person or you enjoy sports that are fast and easy to learn, racquetball is a great activity to try out. Much like other racquet sports, racquetball becomes more enjoyable as you improve your game. Fortunately, practicing and playing informally are a lot of fun so it won’t feel like work to sharpen your skills.

Racquetball has been around since the 1950s when it was invented by a professional tennis and handball player who had the idea to add stringed racquets to the game of handball. Unlike squash, there are very few out-of-bounds areas, making the game a bit easier to learn and play. The sport quickly gained a lot of traction after its inception but peaked in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Racquetball participation has been slowly declining since gyms and fitness clubs began to replace their racquetball courts with studios to cater to various cardio-centric workout classes such as aerobics and spinning. However, many people still play and enjoy racquetball, and it’s a great way to stay in shape.

It should come as no surprise that the first thing you need to play racquetball is a racquet. Modern racquetball racquets come in a variety of materials for improved performance and durability. Next up are racquetball shoes, which are extremely important because racquetball is played on an indoor court and most gyms and clubs have very strict rules about racquetball footwear. You’ll want a racquetball shoe with a non-marking, “sticky” outsole for traction and good cushioning to keep your joints comfortable as you run and pivot all across the court. You’ll also want some racquetballs, which come in indoor and outdoor options as well as a variety of colors. Finally, you need eye protection! Hitting a rubber ball back and forth at high speeds in close quarters creates a considerable risk for serious eye injury. Be sure to invest in a durable pair of racquetball goggles to safeguard your vision.

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