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    Racquetball Racquets

    Keep your game on point with the perfect racquetball racquet for you. Not only can the right racquet enhance your performance, it can decrease the likelihood of injury during practice or gameplay. Taking the time to choose the appropriate racquet for your individual needs and skill level will yield big returns on the racquetball court.

    A big consideration when looking at racquetball racquets is weight. If your swing speed is on the slower side, a heavy racquet will be a nice way to get more power behind your swing, and if your swing speed is already pretty fast, a lighter racquet will help you have better control. Most players opt for a medium-weight racquet, though, as it offers a nice balance of power and control. Another factor to look at is the balance of the racquet. Head-heavy racquets can speed up swings and offer more power, while head-light racquets feel lighter in your hand and are more maneuverable. You also have the option of an evenly balanced racquet, which offers equal amounts of power and control and is ideal for customization to meet your specific needs. When choosing a head shape, it’s important to note that a teardrop racquet has a higher, narrower sweet spot than the quadraform racquet, which has a lower, wider sweet spot. Head shape is based largely on personal preference versus ability, so try out a few racquets to see which suits you better.

    Most racquetball racquets come pre-strung but you will need to replace the strings as they wear out during gameplay. All stringed racquets lose tension over time--even when they’re not being used regularly--so it’s critical to restring your racquet at least once per year to optimize its performance. A good rule to follow is: However many times you play per week is the number of times per year you should restring your racquetball racquet. When determining what tension level to use for your racquetball racquet, remember that higher string tension means more control, and lower tension means more power. Obviously, you want to choose a tension that is also within the racquet manufacturer’s recommended range. Finally, thinner string provides more power, but thicker string tends to be more durable.

    In addition to choosing a racquet based on your skill level and swing power, consider other factors like how frequently you will play. Racquetball racquets can be an investment, so it’s important to think about how much use you will get out of a new racquet before diving in headfirst.

    After you’ve figured out what you need in a racquet is when the real fun starts! We carry a vast collection of the best racquetball racquets available from brands like HEAD, Gearbox, and E-Force! You can demo many of our most popular racquets in-store or through our mail demo program, and we also offer racquet-restringing services.

    HEAD Innegra Laser
    $75.00 $59.95
    E-Force Darkstar 190 E-Force Darkstar 190
    $240.00 $169.95
    E-Force Darkstar 175 E-Force Darkstar 175
    $250.00 $179.95
    E-Force Darkstar 160 E-Force Darkstar 160
    $290.00 $199.95
    E-Force Darkstar 170 E-Force Darkstar 170
    $260.00 $189.95
    E-Force Chaos
    $69.99 $54.95
    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    1 Review
    E-Force Bedlam Stun 150
    $140.00 $129.95
    HEAD I. 165
    $100.00 $79.95
    Rated 2.5 out of 5
    2 Reviews