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Skechers Performance Running Shoes

Skechers Performance Running Shoes

Skechers is relatively new in the running shoe market. But with its unique technology, the company has been gaining momentum as a top performance brand.

With technology like Flight Gen™ and 5GEN®, Skechers running shoes combine cushioning, flexibility, and an unmatched performance for a much lower price than some of their competitors. 

Let’s take a look at how Skechers’ innovative tech makes a difference in your runs.

How Skechers Running Shoe Technology Improves Your Run

Skechers GOrun MaxRoad Series -- max cushioning, yet surprisingly light

The MaxRoad running shoe series is for runners who fancy lightness and cushioning. These shoes are designed with HyperBurst® cushioning, which is peppy when you start running. The outsole and forefoot also have flex grooves that provide a smooth transition from landing to takeoff.  The MaxRoad can handle long distances without sacrificing on performance.

The one thing to note is the snug, sock-like knit upper. Unlike the GOrun Ride series, if you take the MaxRoad on longer runs, your feet can get a little warm. Something to keep in mind.


What You'll Notice

  • Max Cushioning, AND Ultra-light.

Unlike on the Ride 8, the MaxRoad won’t weigh you down over longer runs. It’s still jam-packed with cushioning, but they’ve kept this model light and springy, which you’ll notice the further you run. 

  • A snug fit

The MaxRoad has a compression knit upper with a sock-like fit.  This makes the shoe ideal for runs in colder weather, and still very good in moderate weather. But if you’re running in the heat, your feet may notice it after quite a few miles.

Skechers GOrun Ride Series -- Thick cushioning

Your everyday runner, but packed with cushion. The GOrun Ride Hyper series are firm, yet protective. The shoes are fitted with HyperBurst® foam that is soft but still has a springy push off. 

The one tradeoff that comes with the extra cushioning in this shoe is the extra weight, which can wear you down over longer runs. Though to be fair, they’re still lighter than the standard EVA foam in other running shoes.

What You'll Notice

  • Solid midsole
  • The GOrun Ride combines extra cushioning when you need it, but without feeling like it’s swallowing your foot. 

  • A stretchy and supportive upper 
  • The stretchy upper flexes easily on your feet and does not irritate. It also conforms to your feet, which feels nice, especially on longer runs. The collar has no padding, but it is thin and smooth, causing no blisters.


     Skechers GOrun 7 Series -- Every Day Running Shoe

    The GOrun 7 is super light and plush and provides ample cushioning for short and mid-distance runs. They have a seamless upper that adds to the comfort and are a perfect entry-level running shoe.

    What You'll Notice

  • Ultrasoft and lightweight midsole 
  • The midsole is extremely responsive and light. And yet the HyperBurst® foam is soft enough to keep your feet happy. This is sort of the Goldilocks porridge of midsoles. 

  • A Comfy Upper 
  • Skechers 7 shoes have a circular knit upper that gives a cozy fit and is well-ventilated. 

    Skechers Running Shoe Technology



    Resalyte is a cushioning tech used on the midsoles and outsoles. The footpad has memory retention and molds itself to your foot. It’s very light and gives a generous amount of cushioning and comfort.

    Benefits to you 

    • Flexibility and comfort. With the memory retention features, Skechers shoes offer underfoot cushioning, making your running experience comfortable and fast.
    • Excellent energy return 


    Goga Mat 

    Goga mat footbed has a reactive compound for a more responsive run. The footbed is light, flexible, and offers adequate cushioning. 

    It absorbs shock and dispenses energy, easily helping you with quick recovery. 

    Benefits to you 

    • Excellent energy return and bounce back.



    GOknit is a breathable, light, flexible, and smooth fabric that offers an irritation-free running experience. 

    Benefits to you 

    • No skin irritation 
    • Breathable and flexible run 

    As a Company, What Separates Skechers From The Rest 

    • Their Foam Tech is  Lighter, Firmer, and yet Bouncier. 

    Skechers introduced an Ultra Flight Foam that is lighter and bouncier. The TPU foam offers the same cushioning as EVA based foam but with more energy return. 

    Skechers Hyper Burst Foam found in GOrun Hyper series is firm, fast, but with good shock absorbers.

    • Skechers are Earth-Conscious

    Skechers focuses on saving energy and helping the environment. 

    All their buildings are designed with special glass to reflect sunlight and reduce temperatures.  They use solar panels and LED daylight harvesting. And their landscaping is designed with drought-tolerant biofiltration planters and low-water-use plumbing fixtures. 

    Recently, Skechers was awarded for their energy-saving methods.

    • Supports the Community 

    Skechers, through its foundation, holds an annual Pier to Pier Friendship Walk for children with special needs. It’s a 3.5-mile walk from the Manhattan Beach Pier to the Hermosa Beach Pier and back. To date, they have raised $13 million.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Which are the Best Skechers Running Shoes for Beginners?

    • Skechers GOrun 7

    The GOrun 7 is an ideal shoe for newbie runners. It’s a neutral running shoe that has both firm power return and still enough cushioning between you and the pavement. It’s light and breathable, but also protective. A little bit of everything for someone figuring out their shoe preferences.

    • GOrun ride 8

    The GOrun Ride 8 is a more heavily cushioned version of the GOrun 7, for a softer landing with each step.  The extra foam means it’s going to weigh a little more, which can drain your energy over longer runs.  But for a new runner who’s just learning what they want in their running shoes, the Ride 8 makes for an excellent starter shoe

    What are the Best Skechers Running Shoes for Me?

    When choosing running shoes, you’ll want to factor in your foot shape, your goals, and the types of routes you plan on running. 

    Arch Type

    • Neutral runners have a normal arch type that fits comfortably in most run shoes. The vast majority of Skechers lineup are neutral runners, so whether you go with a speed shoe like Speed Elite, or an everyday runner like GOrun 7, or a heavily cushioned shoe like the Ride 8, your feet will be comfy.
    • Overpronation is when your feet land and rolls inwards, putting a strain on the joints and knees. Stability shoes like Skechers GOrun Forza 3 can counter this motion and neutralize your steps.
    • Underpronation happens when your foot rolls outward when landing. Excellent cushioned shoes like Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper and GOrun Maxroad 4 hyper can help protect your feet against this motion. 

    Type of Runs & Goals

    • Short runs and 5ks -- For moderate runs, you’ll probably want a daily trainer like the GOrun 7, or the GOrun 7+, which has a more breezy feeling upper. Though if you plan on running in the rain, the 7+ soaks up much more water than the 7.
    • Speed -- If you’re looking to improve your time in your next 5k, you’ll want a lighter shoe like the GOrun Razor 3 Hyper. And if you want to move even faster, you may want an ultra-light shoe like the GOrun Speed Elite.  Though because the Speed Elite has less padding and a firmer feel, you probably wouldn’t want to use it for anything much longer than a 5k.
    • Half-Marathons & Marathons -- If you plan on longer runs, like half-marathons, where your feet need more protection, you’ll want a maximally cushioned shoe like the GOrun Ride 8.  And for even longer runs, like marathons, you’ll need cushioning but with less weight so it won’t zap your energy. The ideal shoe for this is the GOrun MaxRoad 4 -- just as cushioned as the Ride 8, but noticeably lighter.

    How To Clean and Care for Your Skechers Running Shoes? 

    Skechers running shoes are durable, but the lifespan will depend on how you clean, use, and store the shoes. 

    • Do not use aggressive cleaning methods like excessive scrubbing or machine washing. Skechers running shoes are built sturdy, but they are not safe from wear-and-tear, and abrasive cleaning can affect their longevity.
    • Use a cloth and a fine brush to clean the material to remove dirt 
    • A small amount of laundry detergent with warm water is best for cleaning the upper unit.
    • Keep them stored on a clean shoe rack or shelf  -- somewhere they won’t be exposed to direct sunlight 

    When should You replace Your pair of Skechers running shoes?

    Skechers running shoes tend to be long-lasting. But as with all running shoes, you want to invest in a fresh pair before the technology wears out. A few factors can indicate when it is time to replace the running shoes:

    • High mileage, typically between 300 and 400 miles. 
    • Poor shock absorption 
    • If you notice the shoe tread wearing unevenly
    • Aches or pains when running  (Ideally, you don’t want to wait till this point)
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