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OOFOS Walking Shoes

OOFOS is one of the most sought-after walking shoes on the market. And we've selected the top OOFOS walking shoes for you. For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

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OOFOS Walking Shoes

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    OOFOS OOcoozie Mule Women's PinkOOFOS OOcoozie Mule Women's Pink
    OOFOS OOcoozie Mule Women's
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      OOFOS OOcandoo Men's BlackOOFOS OOcandoo Men's Black
      OOFOS OOcandoo Men's
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        OOFOS OOcoozie Low Women's ChestnutOOFOS OOcoozie Low Women's Chestnut
        OOFOS OOcoozie Low Women's
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          OOFOS OOcloog Limited Women's Black LeopardOOFOS OOcloog Limited Women's Black Leopard
          OOFOS OOcloog Limited Women's
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            OOFOS OOcloog Men's BlackOOFOS OOcloog Men's Black
            OOFOS OOcloog Men's
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            OOFOS is one of the most sought-after walking shoes on the market. And we've selected the top OOFOS walking shoes for you. For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

            OOFOS OOcloog – OOFOS’ recovery slip-on

            OOFOS OOcloog is an ultra-cushioned recovery shoe. It’s a clog, so the back of the heel is open. This makes it great for sliding on and off between workouts, or between long work shifts. The clog has OOFOS OOfoam cushioning, which is a lot squishier than typical EVA cushioning. OOFOS has become a popular brand for recovery shoes just based on how plush their foam is. The extra padding takes the strain off your hip and knee joints.

            These shoes will help your body stay nice and relaxed. People who work in commercial kitchens or hospitals on hard floors love the OOcloog. It’s a great choice for sous-chefs, line cooks, and nurses who walk a lot. An added plus: the OOcloog doesn’t have an insole, so they’re extremely easy to clean. Just note: they tend to run small, and they only come in full sizes. So if you’re an 8, make sure you order a size higher and go for a 9.What you’ll notice:

            • Pillowy cushioning

            While other clogs have a harder sole, the OOcloog will give you something your feet can sink into. Fans of the clog say the OOfoam feels like stepping on marshmallows. This level of cushion helps your foot feel supported for a long day on your feet.

            OOFOS OOmg Low – The Classic Slip-On Recovery Shoe

            The OOFOS OOmg Low is a heavily cushioned recovery shoe. It’s great if you need to take extra care of your feet between workouts. Or if you just want a lot of cushion under your feet while running your errands. The OOmg Low is a slip-on shoe. OOFOS designed the heel part of the upper to curve up into the back of the heel. This means that they won’t slide off your ankle as you walk. So if you worry about getting a slip-on to really stay on your feet, this shoe will put your nerves to rest.

            Like the OOcloog, the OOmg has the OOfoam midsole. This shoe is ultra-cushioned with a plush layer of foam. This makes it a great shoe if you need to take extra care of your feet during your downtime. The OOmg Low has different uppers to choose from. This means that you can choose which upper you’d like to match the level of breathability you want in your OOmg shoe. If you want extra breathability, you can go for the classic OOFOS OOmg Low. The upper on this shoe is a thin mesh that keeps air flowing in and out. If you want to keep your feet from getting sweaty, this is a great model to go with.

            The OOmg eeZee Canvas is a little more sturdy. They made the upper from a stretch canvas, so it’s less breathable than the mesh OOmg. You’ll feel a bit more solid as you walk. When you slide these on, you’ll feel the upper hugging your foot in place. The third option, the OOmg Low Fibre, is a little of both. It has a breathable mesh that layers over a sturdy fabric. It’s also got a band around the midfoot to keep your foot in place (the OOmg Low has a similar band to hold your foot in place). Just note, the OOmg models run either small or big depending on the model. And they only come in whole sizes. So depending on your foot, you’ll need to order up or down a size. According to OOFOS, here’s how to pick the best size:

            Men: If you normally wear a whole size: Order the same whole size OOFOS. If you normally wear a half size: Order a half size DOWN for best fit.

            Women: If you normally wear a whole size: Order the same whole size OOFOS. If you normally wear a half size: Order a half size UP for best fit.

            What you’ll notice:

            • Soft Cushion

            This shoe has the famous cushioning OOFOS is known for: the OOfoam. Your feet sink into it like a soft pillow, keeping you comfy all day. 

            • Lightweight

            When you slip the OOmg on, you'll immediately notice just how light this shoe is. No matter which upper you choose, the fabrics on the OOmg are super lightweight. You won't feel weighed down by the shoe. This means you'll stave off fatigue as you walk throughout the day.

            OOFOS OOmg Bootie – The OOmg + Warmth

            The OOFOS OOmg Bootie is essentially the OOFOS OOmg in the form of a down bootie. So if you walk a lot somewhere where it gets pretty cold, this model would be a great pick.This OOmg Bootie has an upper that feels like a nice fitting down jacket. A layer of insulation covers the upper part of your foot and cinches at the ankle.But if you want a taller bootie, you can go with the OOFOS OOmg Boot. The down upper rises to just under the knee. You’ll feel heat build as you walk, and warm up your feet as you plunge your foot into the snow.Like the other OOmg shoes, this bootie has OOfoam technology. The sole is super-cushioned. You’ll enjoy the pillowy walking experience OOFOS is known for.What you’ll notice:

            • Warm Feet

            When you put the bootie on you’ll feel like you’re wearing a little warm winter coat on your feet. The OOmg Bootie has a plush down upper that hugs your foot. Your feet will stay cozy when you're walking outside and the temperature drops.

            • Super Comfortable (Especially for a Down boot)

            Down snow boots normally have more of a firmer, rubbery feel to the midsole. Not the OOmg Bootie. When you slip your foot into the shoe, you’ll feel your feet landing on a super squishy foam. This means that you’ll be able to walk for longer without extra stress on the body.

            How do I choose the best OOFOS walking shoe for me?

            Finding a good walking shoe is pretty simple. But you’ll need to think about a couple of things before deciding which one is for you.Here’s what you want to consider when choosing your walking shoe:

            • The kind of walking you’ll be doing
            • The type of surface you typically walk on
            • The distance you walk
            • The unique shape of your foot

            These factors all play a part in choosing the right shoe.

            Best OOFOS shoe for leisure walking & errands

            Taking neighborhood strolls, running to the grocery store, or walking around in your house. For this kind of walking, you’ll want a shoe with lots of comfort. The OOFOS OOmg Low might be a great choice. It’s got a layer of extra squishy foam in the midsole. This means that the shoe will absorb the extra shock when you walk. You'll feel a lot less pressure on your joints when you run to the post office, or pick up the kids from soccer. If you’re looking for an even more casual shoe, you might prefer the OOFOS OOcloog. It’s a clog, so the back of the heel is open. There really isn’t an easier way to put on a shoe than with this model. You can just slide them off and kick your feet up on the couch.

            Best OOFOS shoe for on-your-feet-all-day-at-work walking

            If you do a lot of walking or are just constantly on your feet, you’ll want a heavily cushioned model. Both the OOcloog and the OOmg are maximally cushioned walking shoes. They’re designed with OOfoam, which will keep your feet from feeling strained after a long day at work. Since they’re both heavily cushioned, you’ll want to consider which shoe design is right for you. If you take your shoes on and off a lot or do more standing at work than walking, then you’ll be best off with the OOFOS OOcloog. If you want your heel to feel more secure in the back of the shoe, you’ll want to go with one of the OOmg Low models. The uppers on these models are all made of super lightweight material. You won’t feel weighed down, even on long work days.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Can I use the same pair of shoes for daily walking and exercise?

            In a sense, yes. But your walking shoe might not have the right tech to support the exercise you do. For example, you can use the OOFOs OOmg Low for exercise. But it's designed to help your feet recover. The shoe might not have the right amount of support and sturdiness you need if you’re doing a specific exercise. So you might want to consider getting separate pairs. Plus, you won’t wear them out as quickly and they’ll end up lasting longer.

            How often should I replace my OOFOS walking shoes?

            In general, it’s best to replace your walking shoes after 350-500 miles of walking. But here are some ways that you’ll notice it’s time to get a new pair:

            • If the tread on the sole is worn down.
            • If the upper doesn’t keep your foot in place as well as it used to.
            • If you feel some unusual soreness in your joints that you don’t normally feel. This could mean that the tech has broken down and isn’t supporting your foot properly.

            I need help deciding: Which would be the best walking shoe for a beginner?

            • OOFOS OOmg Low – This is a great pick if you’re looking for a shoe to start with. It’s got a thick layer of cushioning in the midsole. And it won't weigh you down. This shoe covers all the bases for a comfortable walking shoe.
            • OOFOS OOcloog – If you’re changing your shoes throughout the day, you’ll enjoy this clog. The open heel makes it a great shoe for on-the-go types who like to slide their shoes on and off.
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