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Paddletek Pickleball Paddles

Paddletek is one of the prominent pickleball brands on the market today, used by pro pickleball players like Adam Stone, Dave Weinbach, and Catherine Parenteau. And we've compiled the top Paddletek pickleball paddles for you here.

For a more in-depth review of the different Paddletek models, see our breakdowns below.  Read More

    Pickleball Paddles: Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Paddle Pickleball Paddles: Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Paddle
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      Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pickleball Paddle 

      The Paddletek Bantam TS-5 is a very light paddle with a powerful sweet spot.

      The TS-5 has a smaller head size (in length and width) than the Ts-5 Pro. This means you've got a more condensed sweet spot, which is also going to give it a little more pop.

      Even though the paddle isn't as long as the TS-5 Pro, the handle is actually longer, so if you like hitting two-handed shots, you might prefer the TS-5's grip.

      The Bantam TS-5 is lighter than the TS-5 Pro, which will help you on defense. And this model isn't going to have as much overall power as the TS-5 Pro. But because it's lighter, you can swing faster and still generate some great power of your own.

      Just know that you're not going to have as much control or consistency with this paddle, because of the wider face and smaller sweet spot. Of the Bantam paddles, the TS-5 leans more towards speed.

      Who is the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 for?

      The Bantam TS-5 is great for beginners and intermediates, especially ones who favor maneuverability over plow-through power.

      Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pro Pickleball Paddle 

      The Bantam TS-5 Pro is an intermediate-level paddle with a wide face and great control.

      The TS-5 Pro is both wider and longer than the regular Bantam TS-5, so you'll have a more spread-out sweet spot. This translates to better control and consistency in your shots, no matter where the ball hit the paddle.

      It's longer than the TS-5 so you'll have better reach, though won't be quite as maneuverable. And because it's longer overall, it has a shorter handle, so two-handed shots might be trickier to pull off with the TS-5 Pro.

      The core material makes it a little more forgiving than the normal TS-5, which means even though you have more power, you also have a little more control.

      The TS-5 Pro is also heavier than the regular bantam which gives you better stability.

      Who is the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pro for?

      The Bantam TS-5 Pro is great for intermediate-to-advanced players who are focused on control, and comfortable with a heavier paddle.

      If you're a newer player, you might prefer to start with a lighter model like the Bantam TS-5.


      Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle

      The Paddletek Tempest Wave II is one of the most well-rounded pickleball paddles.

      The Wave II is a little lighter than the Wave Pro, making it easier to swing and giving you better maneuverability.

      This also makes it easier for newer players to swing as they build up their arm strength, or just great for players who prefer a lighter paddle.


      Who is the Paddletek Tempest Wave II for?

      The Tempest Wave II is a great paddle for beginners-to-intermediates who want a well-rounded paddle so they're covered in all areas.

      If you're looking for more power, you might prefer the Wave Pro. But this is a lighter Wave model that still has great power and even better control.


      Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle

      The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is a performance-level paddle built for ultimate control.

      It has a standard length of 15 & ⅞ inches, with a nice wide face. This means your sweet spot is more spread out, which will give you more consistency.

      The Wave Pro has a little more control compared to the Reign Pro, though they’re both excellent control paddles. Where you’ll really notice the difference is if you tried to land the ball somewhere specific. 

      With the Reign Pro, if you don't hit the exact right spot on the paddle, you're more likely to send the ball flying further than with the Wave Pro. With the Wave Pro, you're going to have more consistency across the entire hitting surface.

      Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Pickleball Paddle

      The Tempest Reign Pro is a performance-level power paddle built for control, but with an elongated face.

      The longer (16 & ½ inches), more narrow face gives you better reach and a more powerful sweet spot. This combined with the leverage of a longer paddle gives you more power than the Wave Pro.

      The Reign Pro also has a softer face compared to the more solid Wave Pro. The extra softness will allow you to sort catch the ball and generate spin a little easier. 

      Who is the Paddletek Reign Pro for?

      With the Reign & the Wave, if you don’t have excellent form, you will likely send the ball long, especially on dinks.

      If you’re not used to an elongated paddle, just remember the sweet spot is a little higher up than on a standard length paddle like the Wave


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