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    Kids Racquets

    Kids Racquets

    While a top-of-the-line tennis or squash racquet that’s tailored to your child’s individual needs and playing habits won’t turn them into a phenom overnight, the wrong racquet can seriously hinder them during practice and gameplay or even lead to injuries! Be sure to match your kid’s squash or tennis racquet to the way they play, including their swing and preferred style of play.

    Child racquets are quite similar to adult racquets in that they come in different balances and weights. A head-heavy racquet offers more power and stability, whereas a head-light racquet offers faster swing speeds and reduced vibration. When considering the weight of a racquet, remember that heavier racquets offer more power and less control while lighter racquets yield more control at the expense of power. Kids’ racquets also come with different head sizes. A racquet with a larger head will help your child make more powerful swings, whereas a smaller head affords them more control. Racquets for children and adults are so similar, in fact, that older children can easily transition into the world of adult-sized racquets simply by opting for a lightweight adult racquet!

    Kids’ tennis racquets tend to come prestrung, but that doesn’t mean your child has to play with the “stock” strings. Experts disagree on the best strings for kids, but it’s advisable to start them out with synthetic strings and graduate to other styles as play improves. Adjusting the string tension can not only help your child avoid injuries, but allow them to find the ideal tension for their style of play. Another area of kids’ racquets that can be easily customized is the grip. Children’s racquets tend to come in only a few grip sizes, but you can simply add overgrip to adjust the size to suit your kid’s needs.

    Many people select a junior tennis racquet based solely on the child’s age, but height is a more important factor to consider when it comes to racquet size. To find a suitable tennis racquet for your kid, have them stand up straight holding the racquet at their side, lowering it until the tip of the head touches the ground and it appears to be standing upright. If your child’s hand can comfortably rest on the butt of the racquet’s grip--you found a winner! If they have to bend down to reach the handle or if their elbow bends, keep searching for a better fit. Be sure to avoid a racquet that’s too large or heavy, which could lead to injury.

    The real fun starts after you’ve figured out what your child needs in a tennis or squash racquet! We carry a vast collection of the best kids’ racquets available from brands like HEAD, Gamma, Prince, Black Knight, Dunlop, Babolat, Wilson, and more!

    Babolat Ballfighter Junior 17" Babolat Ballfighter Junior 17"
    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    2 Reviews
    Wilson US Open 21" Wilson US Open 21"
    $20.00 $17.75
    Wilson US Open 19" Wilson US Open 19"
    $20.00 $17.75
    Wilson US Open 23" Wilson US Open 23"
    $20.00 $17.95
    HEAD Speed 25 Junior HEAD Speed 25 Junior
    $25.00 $19.95
    HEAD Instinct 23
    $25.00 $19.95
    Volkl V-Feel 9 Junior Volkl V-Feel 9 Junior
    $60.00 $49.99
    Wilson US Open 25" Wilson US Open 25"
    $20.00 $17.75
    Prince Tour 21 Junior Prince Tour 21 Junior
    $39.00 $16.95
    HEAD Speed 23 Junior HEAD Speed 23 Junior
    $25.00 $19.95
    Wilson Ultra Team 23" Wilson Ultra Team 23"
    $50.00 $44.95
    Wilson Ultra Team 25" Wilson Ultra Team 25"
    $50.00 $44.95
    Volkl V-Feel 10 Junior Volkl V-Feel 10 Junior
    $110.00 $89.99
    HEAD Speed 19 Junior HEAD Speed 19 Junior
    $25.00 $19.95
    HEAD Speed 21 Junior HEAD Speed 21 Junior
    $25.00 $19.95