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Get ready to run! Whether you want to run a mile or a marathon, you’re in great company. Running is a wildly popular exercise that can be done nearly anywhere. An excellent cardiovascular workout, running conditions your heart and lungs as well as your leg and stabilizer muscles. Regular cardio such as running has also been shown to have positive effects on the brain, overall mood, and weight management.

Just about anyone can take up running, and one of its biggest draws is that you can start as slowly as you need to based on your personal level of fitness. Running is an incredibly versatile workout that you can adjust to suit your motivations on any given day. Need a good “active rest” workout? Go for a quick, light jog. Looking to push your limits and improve your speed? Try sprints. Want to build up your overall endurance? Take a well-paced long run. Feeling competitive? Sign up for a race. Looking for a little time to yourself? Hit a less-traveled trail.

Humans have been running since the beginning of time. What started as a means of hunting game and escaping danger has evolved into both a way to maintain physical fitness and an enjoyable pastime. Competitive and leisurely running began to really pick up steam in the 1970s and interest has only grown with the addition of themed runs, running clubs/groups, and even obstacle course runs. There’s no limit to the number of ways you can incorporate running into your workout regimen.

One of the main things that attracts people to running is the low barrier to entry in terms of equipment. Unlike sports that require specialized clothing and equipment that have to be replaced or repaired often, all you need for running is a good pair of running shoes, which should last you about 300-400 miles. Be sure to have your feet professionally assessed to determine if you: 1) under- or overpronate, 2) require a wide or narrow width, or 3) have a high or flat arch. All of these factors should be considered when choosing a running shoe because a shoe that addresses every one of your foot’s needs will let you run safely and more efficiently. Once you have your shoes, simply find somewhere you’d like to run: Sidewalks, parks, and trails are typically free to access and you probably already have some activewear that will be comfortable enough to wear for a run. Whether you’re just getting into running or you’re ready to kick your current routine up a notch, we carry a wide variety of running gear including the best running shoes for your foot size, gait, and running surface. Our expansive collection of running accessories features moisture-wicking activewear, workout hydration solutions, wearable technology, foam rollers, and more from the best running brands. If you want to run farther, faster, or just better overall—we have what you need to crush your goals.

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