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Diadem Pickleball Paddles

Diadem is one of the most innovative pickleball brands in the game today. And we've compiled the top Diadem pickleball paddles for you here.

For a more in-depth review of the different Diadem models, see our breakdowns below. 

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Diadem Pickleball Paddles

Diadem Pickleball Paddles
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Diadem Edge 18K Pickleball PaddleDiadem Edge 18K Pickleball Paddle
    Diadem Warrior v2 Pickleball PaddleDiadem Warrior v2 Pickleball Paddle
      Diadem Warrior Edge Ghost Limited Edition PaddleDiadem Warrior Edge Ghost Limited Edition Paddle
      Diadem Warrior Edge Ghost Limited Edition Paddle
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        Diadem Icon v2 StandardDiadem Icon v2 Standard
        Diadem Icon v2 Standard
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          Diadem Warrior Edge Pickleball PaddleDiadem Warrior Edge Pickleball Paddle
          Diadem Warrior Edge Pickleball Paddle
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            Diadem Hero Starter KitDiadem Hero Starter Kit
            Diadem Hero Starter Kit
            Sale price$74.95

            Diadem is one of the most innovative pickleball brands in the game today. And we've compiled the top Diadem pickleball paddles for you here.

            For a more in-depth review of the different Diadem models, see our breakdowns below. 


            Diadem Warrior Pickleball Paddle

            The Diadem Warrior pickleball paddle is a control paddle, and quite possibly the thickest paddle on the market at 19mm.

            This extra thickness helps dampen the impact of the ball so you can slow the game down.  This gives you control of the pace, and also what kind of return shot you want to make.

            With thinner and more rigid paddles, you have less choice of how you return the ball.  But with a super thick paddle like the warrior, you can choose to put more spin on it. You can easily dink it into the kitchen. Or you can use your own power to blast it back across the net.

            With the Diadem Warrior, the ball is literally in your court.

            What's it like to play with the Diadem Warrior?

            The Diadem Warrior is a very soft feeling paddle. This makes it ideal for your focusing on your soft game -- dinks and drop shots.

            The Warrior also makes it extremely easy to spin the ball.

            You'll notice it's quite a long paddle, and a very decently heavy paddle, which gives you a little bit more plow through power.

            But as far as power goes, you need to bring most of your own power, and that's the whole point of this paddle. You need to be able to bring your own power to the game when playing with the Warrior.

            Who is the Warrior for?

            The Diadem Warrior is for players who are primarily focused on control and touch.

             It's probably not going to be ideal for you if you're new to pickleball, because you haven't yet conditioned your arm to generate its own hitting power.

            But for intermediate-to-advanced players looking to complement their soft game, the Warrior is probably the paddle you're looking for.

            Diadem Icon Lite Weight Pickleball Paddle

            The Diadem Icon Lite Weight is a performance-level paddle.

            It's got carbon fiber facing, and it's on the longer side at 16 inches.

            One thing that makes this paddle stand out is just how soft the face is.  It's not texturized like many other paddles. The point here is that you can generate spin through the soft surface absorbing the ball's energy like a pillow, as opposed to a grainy texture, like most paddles.

            What's it like to play with the Diadem Icon Lite Weight?

            Because of the lighter weight, this paddle definitely feels quicker in your hands.

            And thanks to the thinner design you can generate a little more power than you could with a model like the Warrior. this also gives the paddle a harder feel when hitting the ball.

            It's got a nice power level -- more than your typical polymer core paddle, but not so much power that the ball flys off the face, making it difficult to control your shots.

            Defensive shots at the net are going to require a little more of your own touch, because the Icon doesn't absorb shots as well as the Warrior.

            And while the softer face does provide spin, it’s not going to be the absolute best paddle on the market for spin.


            Who is the Icon Lite Weight for?

            If you like a paddle with a harder touch, the Dideadm Icon is going to feel great to you. Just know that it has just a bit more touch than similar molded paddles, meaning it's not the hardest touch on the market.  It's a nice hybrid that leans toward a harder feel.

            If you’re more interested in control, then you might not like the harder feel of the Icon.

            But this is a great all-court paddle for players looking for a little extra power to defend drives and attack but has decent precision as well.

            Diadem Riptide Pickleball Paddle

            The Diadem Riptide is a beginner’s paddle with decent power.

            It's well-balanced and easy to swing. And it's got a composite facing material which lends to more power and less control. This is what makes it great for beginners.

            It has a slightly smaller (7.6 inches) head size than the Hero, and it's slightly longer (16 inches) than the Hero.

            Who is the Diadem Riptide for?

            The Diadem Riptide is ideal for beginners and players with a little experience looking to level up and start putting more spin and finesse on their shots.

            The Riptide is a good jump up from the Diadem Hero if that’s the paddle you started with.



            Diadem Hero Pickleball Paddle

            The Diadem Hero is the ultimate beginner’s paddle.

            It's got a Large head size at 7.8 inches, which gives you a generous sweet spot.  This makes it easier to return the ball back over the net with less effort.


            And it's not a very long paddle, at 15.6 inches, which makes it more maneuverable for players just getting comfortable with the game.

            Who is the Diadem Hero for?

            The Hero is for absolute pickleball beginners, especially ones who haven’t built up their arm strength and want their paddle to help them generate plenty of power.

             If you're just starting out, the Diadem Hero is your paddle.

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