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    Platform Tennis Paddles

    Wilson Blade Lite Countervail
    Wilson Ultra Lite White/Pink
    Wilson Blade Pro Countervail
    Wilson Blade Smart Countervail
    Wilson Steam Smart Countervail Limited Edition Black
    Viking O-Zone Pro 2018
    Viking OZ Prodigy 2018
    Viking O-Zone Lite 2018
    Viking Re-Ignite Lite 2018
    Viking O-Zone Lite Black 2018
    Viking OZ Lite 2018
    Viking Re-Ignite Prodigy 2018
    Viking OZ Pro 2018
    Viking Re-Ignite Pro 2018
    Viking O-Zone Pro Black 2018
    Viking Smash JR.
    $89.99 $59.95
    Wilson Xcel Lite
    Wilson Steam Lite Countervail
    Wilson Steam Pro Countervail
    Wilson Xcel Smart
    Wilson Steam Smart Countervail
    Viking O-Zone Prodigy Viking O-Zone Prodigy
    $189.99 $149.95
    Viking Re-Ignite Prodigy
    $188.99 $159.95
    Viking OZ Pro
    $169.99 $149.95
    Step up your game with a new platform tennis paddle! We have a large collection of platform tennis paddles to meet your needs. Don't worry: Finding the right paddle for you doesn't have to be a chore. Our easy-to-use filters allow you to browse all the platform tennis paddles at Holabird Sports by brand, core, or weight.