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    Platform Tennis Paddles

    Take your platform tennis game to the next level with a paddle that meets your unique needs. Of course, you still need to practice and play regularly to improve, but using the best paddle for your swing and skill level can go a long way toward helping you be a more competitive player.

    Platform tennis paddles come in several sizes, weights, and materials to give players a variety of options so they can play their best game. One of the most important elements of a good platform tennis paddle is paddle density because it determines power and control. A high-density paddle is good for advanced players who want a lot of power, while a low-density paddle is good for beginners and finesse players who seek more control. Paddle size also plays a role, with large paddle heads having a larger sweet spot while also being slower and heavier. Small paddle heads allow for quicker, lighter play but with a smaller sweet spot.

    When researching platform tennis paddles, your current skill level is the first factor to consider. Beginners, as well as finesse players, should opt for a low-density paddle, which will allow them to have more control. More advanced players usually prefer a high-density paddle to get the most power for their swing. Another factor to keep in mind is handle length: A longer handle will give you longer reach for ground strokes and more serve leverage, but it may feel heavier during gameplay.

    Platform tennis paddles should be replaced roughly every two to three years; however, if you play two or more times per week, you might want to replace it every year. Wood paddles tend to be more durable and last a little longer than paddles made of other materials. Keeping your paddle safe in a bag or other carrying case is a great way to ensure you get the most playtime out of it.

    After you’ve figured out what you need in a platform tennis paddle is when the real fun starts! We carry a vast collection of the best platform tennis paddles available from brands like Viking and Wilson. Your budget, skill level, and personal preferences all come into play when you’re shopping for a platform tennis paddle, and with so many combinations of weight, size, and material--your perfect paddle is out there! Browse our large collection of paddles by feature, and enjoy free two-day shipping on select models.

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