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Reebok Running Shoes

Reebok has maintained a strong presence in the industry with their stellar shoes. Their running shoes have an excellent midsole that offers the perfect balance of cushioning, support, and style.

Reebok uses unique foam cushioning technology and upper features to create shoes suitable for both athletes and hobby runners alike.

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Reebok Running Shoes


Reebok has maintained a strong presence in the industry with their stellar shoes. Their running shoes have an excellent midsole that offers the perfect balance of cushioning, support, and style.

Reebok uses unique foam cushioning technology and upper features to create shoes suitable for both athletes and hobby runners alike.

What Separates Reebok Running Shoes from the Rest

They have poured resources into crafting running technology and high-quality shoes that set them apart from the competition.

  • They offer Excellent Cushioning

Forceful is not a feature that should describe a running shoe, and Reebok agrees. The running shoes have striking foam designs like Pebax-based Floatride foam. It is much lighter than Eva and delivers optimal energy return. Plus, it offers excellent cushioning without adding on weight.

Floatride Energy is another remarkable foam design that is made with Pebax beads. This feature makes the Reebok running shoes, specifically Floatride energy shoes light and responsive.

  • An excellent upper design.

Reebok shoes are fitted with Flexweave upper that allows freedom of motion to accommodate different exercises. The wide mesh is breathable and supportive to keep the feet comfortable. And, the Kevlar-like strands maintain the shape and provide a proper fit. The upper is also heat-resistant and protects against extreme temperatures.

  • They are not just for running

Reebok also manufactures products for yoga, dance, aerobics, and CrossFit. The running shoes have a stylish design that can easily transition from running to an everyday, lifestyle sneaker shoe.

How Reebok Running Shoe Technology Improves Your Run

Reebok Zig Kinetica Series

Reebok Zig Kinetica effortlessly combines sport and style. The shoes feature Floatride fuel cushioning that is responsive and offers an outstanding energy return.

The Zig Energy band outsole expands and contracts with every step giving a springy sensation. The shoes are breathable, flexible and secure, thanks to the mesh and neoprene collar.

What You'll Notice

  • Effortlessly transitions into an everyday wear

The Zig Kinetica is stylish and comes in three colors. The upper is stretchy enough to accommodate and conform to your feet shape.

  • A comfortable run

The molded neoprene keeps your feet comfortable, and the seamless heel design reduces irritation.

  • Energized and cushioned running experience

The Floatride fuel is light and responsive and well-cushioned for a comfortable run.

Reebok's Forever Floatride Energy Series.

Forever Floatride Energy Series is a road running shoe with an unbeatable bargain costs a hundred bucks. The shoes are designed with the Floatride energy foam, which creates a near-perfect balance between responsiveness and cushioning.

The compression is spread evenly, creating a neutral run and smooth transitions. It has a basic, yet functional upper, and offers a light and peppy performance.

What you'll notice:

  • Outstanding energy return

The Floatride Energy midsole is made of Pebax beads that offer exceptional energy return. It is also well-cushioned and light without compromising on plushness.

  • A smooth glide

The upper is basic, but it is engineered with a mesh fabric that makes it breathable for a comfortable run. And, the outsole provides excellent traction on both wet and dry trails.

Reebok's Floatride Run Fast Series.

Floatride Run Fast is light, springy, and delivers a speedy running experience. These shoes are fitted with Pebax-based foam which is light but offers excellent cushioning and energy return.

Reebok Floatride has a considerable amount of foam and doesn't weigh you down. The shoes are uniquely crafted with a thickness that is above average. And, the foam from heel to the forefoot is high, giving smooth propulsion.

Floatride is an excellent tempo shoe but without the harshness of a typical running shoe.

What you'll notice:

  • More Lightness and flexibility

The foam is a flexible plastic, yet hard enough to maintain the shape of the shoes. It is light and can eliminate the impact on your feet when landing. These shoes are firm around the top, giving more structure and keeping your feet in position.

  • Excellent traction

The Floatride Run Fast has a load of rubber in the underfoot for support. The outsole is perforated, which delivers traction, and the heel is thicker boasting of excellent durability.

  • No more irritation

The upper is made of the breathable and thin mesh without the overlays that irritate your skin. The mesh, tongue, and collar secures the foot in place when running.

Reebok's Running Shoe Technology

Reebok has poured resources into developing technologies that set them apart from the competition. Plus, they equip their running shoes with features that enhance movement and performance.

Floatride foam

This technology combines quality and performance, and gives a floating sensation when running. The cell structure of Floatride foam is consistent, soft, and responsive.

The benefits to you

  • A consistent softness and responsiveness when running
  • High-level running performance

Pump Technology

This iconic technology is still making athletes and average runners attain the most with their run. The Pump technology has inflated chambers that allow you to create a custom fit.

Inflating and deflating the ankle and upper will give the feet stability and support.

The air chambers are designed to allow the right amount of air to reach the most flexible areas of the feet.

The Benefits to You

  • Easy to create a precise fit
  • Feet stability and support


ZigTech has an eye-catching zigzag sole that absorbs impact and assists with energy return. The compression of the Zigzag foam reduces stress on the feet and propels athletes forward.

The foam design also allows the shoes to be springy, stable, and responsive.

The benefits to you

  • The foams absorb impact and reduce stress on the feet
  • It allows a springy and stable run

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Best Reebok Speed Training Shoe?

Reebok Print running series

The Print running shoes are designed with the Ultraknit technology that is flexible and supportive. This feature offers the perfect balance between speed and power. And, it delivers a snug fit needed to complete a variety of rapid directional movement. Whether your training needs intense bouts of aerobics or sprints, the Print Run Ultraknit is versatile enough to support it.

Which is the Best Cross Training Reebok Shoe?

Reebok Nano Series

The Reebok Nano shoes can deliver great performance during your workouts. They are designed with a Flexweave upper that is flexible enough. The shoes also come with a protective layer that makes them perfect for tough workouts.

How Can I Know My Pronation or Arch Style?

As the foot contacts the ground, the arch naturally collapses and helps with shock absorption of the impact. Some people have the arch collapse too much and others don't contact the ground as expected.

Understanding your arch style can help in choosing the right running shoes.

You can determine the arch design using the wear test.

Check the bottom of the shoe to determine which part is the most worn out.

  • If your arch collapses too much on the ground creating flat feet, the shoes wear along the inner edge of the shoe (located between the ball of the foot and the big toe).
  • If the arch barely touches the ground, the shoes wear off on the outer part of the shoe, the pinky side of the foot.
  • The neutral pronation affects the center of the shoe

Which are the Best Reebok Shoes for Neutral Pronation?

Reebok Zigwild TR 50 series

Neutral pronation is when the arch rolls out naturally, allowing it to keep the legs and ankles aligned and absorb shock. The Reebok Zigwild has a low ankle collar to accommodate your feet and a breathable mesh upper. The ZigTech feature reduces stress in the feet.

Which are the Best Reebok Shoes for Overpronators?

Reebok ZPump Fusion series

Overpronators have their feet collapse too much on the ground (flat feet). This can cause discomfort and pressure on the feet, and therefore, you need shoes that offer stability. Reebok ZPump fusion series is perfect because it has a tuck board that stabilizes the feet and adds rigidity.

Which are the Best Reebok Shoes for Supinators?

Floatride energy series

Supinators (or underpronators) is when the feet don't collapse as expected. You need extra cushioning, and the Reebok Floatride energy is ideal. The Pebax and Eva foam offer the right amount of cushioning and responsiveness for a comfortable run.

Which is the Best Reebok Shoe For Racing?

Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro Series

The pebax based foam is light, springy, and maintains the shape of the feet. And, the underfoot cushioning delivers energy return throughout your run cycle.

The shoes are soft, responsive and have a near-to-the-ground design, which propels you forward for a speedy run. The upper has a seamless and breathable mesh for comfort while the heel offers a perfect fit.

Which is the Best Reebok Shoe for Long Runs

Reebok Harmony road series

The Floatride Energy powered midsole is lighter than Eva, and it boosts your performance in your daily runs. The Harmony shoes are light, but don't compromise on the cushioning. Reebok uses carbon rubber that piles up mileage without losing shape.

How do I Break In my new Reebok Running Shoes?

Reebok trainers can be worn immediately. However, some of the running shoes such as Floatride shoes need to be broken into. Reebok recommends breaking into the running shoes with a three-mile run.

What's the Best Way to Clean Reebok Running Shoes?

Using the washing machine to clean your Reebok shoes is not ideal. Instead, hand washes with cold water and mild detergent. For drying, air dry your Reebok shoes and avoid direct sunlight or heat as it may damage the materials and foam.

When to Replace Reebok Shoes?

It is hard to retire your Reebok shoes after you have broken into them. However, replacing these shoes is crucial to your performance and health.

Several factors can help you know when it is time for new running shoes.

  • Mileage. Experts recommend replacing your running shoes after they have piled on a mileage of between 300 and 500 miles. For easy tracking, write the miles or the date of purchase to know when it's time.
  • Presence of wear and tear
  • Pain when running or working out
  • Poor shock absorption or when you feel every step

Reebok shoes are durable, but it is important to use the shoes as intended to lengthen their lifespan. Every Reebok shoe is designed for a specific function; for example, they have CrossFit shoes for the dynamic workouts.

Does Reebok Have Other Sports Products Besides Road Running Shoes?

Reebok is known for CrossFit, running, Basketball, sandals, studio shoes. The Company has since dug its claws into sports accessories, fitness gear, sunglasses, and apparel.

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