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Diadora Running Shoes

The company's name, Diadora, means "sharing gifts and honors". And when you see a pair of their shoes, it's evident Diadora takes pride in their Italian craftsmanship.

Whether you’re running a marathon, a short race, or as part of your daily routine. Diadora is a popular brand among avid runners. And in this article, we’re going to show you why.

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Diadora Running Shoes

diadora running shoes on white background

The company's name, Diadora, means "sharing gifts and honors". And when you see a pair of their shoes, it's evident Diadora takes pride in their Italian craftsmanship.

Whether you’re running a marathon, a short race, or as part of your daily routine. Diadora is a popular brand among avid runners. And in this article, we’re going to show you why.

How Diadora Running Shoe Technology Improves Your Run

Diadora’s Elite Series — heavily cushioned, stability shoe

The Mythos Blushield Elite models are built with comfortability in mind. They’ve got a roomy toe box to accommodate wider feet. They’re geometrically designed to correct how overpronators’ feet land. And they’re lined, heel to toe, with Diadora’s unique Blueshield cushioning technology, making each step extremely soft.

They’re not the lightest shoe on the market by any stretch of the imagination. But if you’re an overpronator, or are looking for a comfy shoe with a super soft landing, you’ll want to check out the Elite series.

What You'll Notice

  • Uniquely gummy cushioning
  • If you’ve run in a heavily cushioned running shoe before, just know that this experience is, well, different.

    The feel of this midsole (Blushield foam) can only be described as gummy or squishy. It has little foam dimples, that vary in size across different areas of the foot, that give a rolling effect without a curved sole or plate, like other stability shoes.

    Essentially, running in this max cushioned shoe is a very, very different experience compared to other running shoe foams & gels—in a good way.

    Diadora’s Fly series — low-cushion, light, neutral runner

    The Mythos Blushield Fly is the lighter, speedier version of Diadora’s popular Blueshield series. The toe box is more narrow and therefore less bulky. It’s more breathable to keep your feet cool.

    And while they’re also lined with soft Blueshield tech, and are plenty soft, there’s not as much cushioning as the other models. This means the Fly series might not be ideal for longer runs like marathons.

    What You'll Notice

  • Light, smooth stride (but with one caveat)
  • Similar to the Elite series, the Blushield liner gives you a pleasant rolling sensation with each step. But just an FYI: while the Blushield Fly is among the lighter of the Diadora running shoes, they lean on the heavy side compared to similar models from other brands.

    This isn’t necessarily a negative quality, just don’t expect the Blushield Fly to feel like a minimalist shoe.

    Diadora’s Mythos Blueshield Series — neutral, daily trainer

    The Blushield series are Diadora’s flagship running shoe. They’re well-cushioned. They’re durable. They’re dynamic. So whether you’re training for a 5k, or just want a comfortable run shoe for your daily jog, you may want to give the Mythos Blueshield a second look.

    FYI: They’re a tad heavy compared to a typical daily trainer, but unless you plan on running half marathons, you likely won’t notice.

    And if you didn’t already know, Diadoras aren’t just designed for utility. This shoe is a bit of a status symbol in Europe.

    What You'll Notice

  • Evenly soft feel: The Blushield insert in this shoe hits the sweet spot for an everyday trainer. It’s cushy enough for a run, wearing around all day at work, or just while running errands.
  • Tongue security: A double shoestring loop on the tongue may seem like a minor feature to some. But this little feature — the ability to loop your shoe strings through the tongue twice — can make a big difference. If you’ve ever been on a long run and been annoyed by your shoe tongue moving out of place, you know how frustrating it can be. Which is why this double loop tongue feature is a pleasant surprise.

  • Diadora's Running Shoe Technology


    The technology is designed to conform to the natural shape of your feet.

    The Blushield comes with various cone shapes that provide excellent shock absorption and energy return. The technology minimizes any potential irregular steps and creates a balanced running experience.

    Benefits to you

    • Excellent energy return without being overly firm

    Dia Breath

    Dia Breath technology uses fabric made of microfiber honeycomb structures, designed to absorb and transfer sweat away from your feet.

    Benefits to you

    • A light and breathable run

    Duratech 5000

    Duratech is a wear-resistant rubber compound built to outlast typical shoe rubber.

    Benefits to you

    • Many miles in a long-lasting shoe


    OrthoLite insole is made of PU foam, which can absorb moisture and reduce odor.

    Benefits to you

    • Cool, fresh feet during your run

    What Separates Diadora From Other Companies

    They focus on sustaining the environment: Diadora uses materials that are not harmful to the environment, such as organic cotton. Their packaging also focuses on protecting the environment. For example, all the shoeboxes for the Heritage running shoes are designed with paper obtained from excess seaweed. And their retail locations use 100 percent recycled paper printed shopping bags.

    Because of these efforts, Diadora won the EcoVadis Gold Medal in 2019.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I pick the best Diadora running shoe for me?

    In order to find the best shoe for you, you’ll need to consider a few factors.

    • Neutral runner: This means you’ve got a “normal” foot shape, and can comfortably wear most running shoes. When your foot touches down, you land on your heel and then roll towards your toes. This form will absorb shock, protecting your joints and knees.If this sounds like you, then you’d probably fit best in one of Diadora’s neutral shoes like the Mythos Blushield, or the lighter Blushield Fly.
    • Overpronator: If you overpronate, meaning your foot tends to roll inward to the extreme, this puts unnecessary strain on your joints. A stability running shoe, like the Blushield Elite, is designed to correct this motion, and neutralize your steps.
    • Wide Feet: If you’re someone who needs a little extra room in the toe box,

      You’ll probably appreciate Diadora’s Blushield Elite TRX.

    Next, what types of activity will you be doing?

    • Various activities & moderate runs: If one day you might be doing a quick speedy run, and the next day you could be doing a longer route like a 5k, you’ll probably need an all-purpose running shoe, like the Mythos Blushield.
    • Longer runs, half-marathons, marathons: If you’re planning on more long-distance runs, you’ll need extra protection for your feet. This means you want max cushioning, like in Diadora’s Blushield Elite. While this is a stability shoe, because of the shoe’s technology and design, it offers stability for those who need it and stays out of the way for those who don’t.
    • Short, speedy runs: If you’re mainly focused on speed, then the Blushield Fly is the lighter version of their popular Blueshield series.
    • Running & tennis: If you’re like many Diadora fans who love to run and also play tennis, you should definitely look into a specialty shoe designed for tennis. Running shoes aren’t designed for the linear stop-and-start movement you experience on the court. However, tennis shoes can handle most running activities.So if you’re into both, you may want to look into a tennis shoe like Diadora’s Speed Blushield AG, or the lighter Speed Blushield Fly.
    • Early morning & Night runs: You may be an early bird who likes to squeeze in a run before the sun comes up. Or you may be so busy you don’t get time to run until after the sun goes down. Either way, if you tend to run when it’s dark outside, you’ll want to look for shoe models with the word “Hip” at the end of their name. For example, the Blushield Hip, Elite Hip, and the Fly Hip. These models are made with reflective materials so drivers can easily spot you.

    What's the Best Way to Clean Diadora Running Shoes?

    Diadora running shoes are high-quality shoes, but how long they’ll last depends on how well you take care of them.

    • Don’t be too aggressive when cleaning, like excessive scrubbing or machine washing.
    • Hand-wash your shoes with a mild detergent.
    • Air dry your shoes and store them on a shelf or shoe rack, away from direct sunlight.

    When to Replace Diadora Shoes?

    Diadora’s running shoes are built to be very durable. But as you rack up the miles, and the technologies inside your shoes get worn down, you’ll want to upgrade to a fresh pair.

    Here are a few indicators of when it is time to replace your running shoes:

    • The safest way: When you’ve run between 300 and 400 miles in the shoes
    • If you feel they’re not absorbing ground impact as well as they once did
    • If you notice the tread is wearing unevenly
    • If you feel any aching in your joints or muscles (It’s best if you don’t wait until this point. But if you start to notice any aching, it’s probably time for a new pair)
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