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    Squash Racquet and Ball

    Squash Racquets

    Don't underestimate the effect a high-quality squash racquet can have on your performance! The right squash racquet not only helps you perform better, it lessens the likelihood of injury during practice or gameplay. Taking the time to choose the appropriate racquet for your needs and skill level will yield big returns on the squash court.

    Squash racquets come in several varieties. A traditional, open-throat racquet features a smaller stringbed and sweet spot but offers more control while a teardrop, closed-throat racquet has a larger sweet spot and brings more power to your swing. Hybrid racquets combine the two for an even balance of both power and control. Experienced players who are comfortable adjusting their swing tend to prefer lighter squash racquets because of the control and maneuverability they provide, whereas a heavier squash racquet is ideal for a less experienced player who needs a bit more power and doesn’t mind giving up a little control in order to get it. A head-weighted squash racquet can aid in combating the loss of swing power that comes with lighter racquets. One final consideration for the racquet itself is rigidity: The more flexible the racquet, the more control a player has, while rigid or stiff racquets yield more power.

    When considering what kind of string to use, bear in mind that high-quality multifilament string at an appropriate tension is the best way to get both control and power. Take extra care to choose strings that are designed for squash racquets, and ensure that you or your racquet stringer are adhering to the recommended tension for your specific racquet. Plan to have your squash racquet restrung at least once per year, and a good rule to follow is: However many times you play per week is the number of times per year you should restring your racquet. So if you play twice per week, have your squash racquet restrung twice per year. If you notice your strings are starting to fray, that’s also a great time to restring your racquet.

    In addition to choosing a racquet based on your skill level and swing power, consider other factors like how frequently you will play. Squash racquets can be an investment, so it’s important to think about how much use you will get out of a new racquet before diving in headfirst. One area of squash racquets that tends to be the same across the board is grips, but don’t worry: You can customize any grip to suit your needs, adding more tape to the butt or various parts of the grip to make it more ergonomic for your hand.

    After you’ve figured out what you need in a racquet is when the real fun starts! We carry a vast collection of the best squash racquets available from brands like HEAD, Harrow, Dunlop, Black Knight, Wilson, and more! You can demo many of our most popular racquets in-store or through our mail demo program, and we also offer racquet-restringing services!

    Black Knight Hex Phenom Black Knight Hex Phenom
    $199.00 $169.95
    Black Knight Reflex Black Knight Reflex
    $110.00 $99.00
    Black Knight Scimitar TC Black Knight Scimitar TC
    $175.00 $148.95
    Dunlop Blaze Tour 3.0 Dunlop Blaze Tour 3.0
    $60.00 $44.95
    Dunlop Blaze Pro 3.0 Dunlop Blaze Pro 3.0
    $45.00 $34.95
    Dunlop Tempo Tour 3.0 Dunlop Tempo Tour 3.0
    $90.00 $49.95
    Dunlop Tempo Elite 3.0 Dunlop Tempo Elite 3.0
    $100.00 $49.95
    HEAD Extreme 145
    $80.00 $69.95
    HEAD Extreme 135
    $100.00 $69.95
    HEAD Extreme 120 HEAD Extreme 120
    $120.00 $79.95
    Black Knight Flash
    $55.00 $39.95
    Wilson Blade Countervail Wilson Blade Countervail
    $189.00 $179.00
    Wilson Pro Staff Countervail Wilson Pro Staff Countervail
    $189.00 $169.00
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    Salming Forza Salming Forza
    $115.00 $89.95
    Dunlop Tempo Elite
    $100.00 $49.95