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ASICS Running Shoes

ASICS is an acronym for “anima sana in corpore sano,” which is a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” So it should come as no surprise that the number-one priority at ASICS is designing shoes that help you comfortably run faster, longer.

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ASICS Running Shoes

man and 2 women running in sics running shoes on cobblestone road along river

ASICS is an acronym for “anima sana in corpore sano,” which is a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” So it should come as no surprise that the number-one priority at ASICS is designing shoes that help you comfortably run faster, longer.

What separates ASICS from the rest?

Since stepping onto the running shoe scene in 1953, ASICS has been innovating technology like flared soles for stability and reflective heels for nighttime visibility. Back when air pockets in shoes were all the rage, ASICS innovated their famous GEL® technology, which absorbed 28% more impact than air. ASICS ongoing commitment to innovation is why they’ve maintained such a loyal fanbase over the years.

ASICS is one of the most recognizable brands of running shoes around, but competition has stiffened in recent years as more brands have entered the market. In order to set themselves apart, they’ve been focusing their efforts on producing shoes with both the environment and their communities in mind.

They’ve carefully chosen materials and re-engineered their manufacturing process in order to reduce CO2 emissions by 27%. And they’re projecting that they’ll get to a 55% reduction by 2030. They’ve also been streamlining their entire manufacturing process to use 50% less water when dying materials.

How ASICS running shoes help you improve your run

ASICS running shoes feature advanced technology and materials that were developed to help you run farther, faster.

The Nimbus Series

A longstanding favorite among neutral runners over the years, the GEL-Nimbus is ASICS’ flagship plush running shoe. This is their top-shelf offering when it comes to comfort. When wearing the ASICS GEL-Nimbus, you’ll notice:

  • A luxuriously smooth ride

The GEL-Nimbus is known for its ultra-plush comfort. To get this cloudlike softness, ASICS loaded the Nimbus with its proprietary GEL® cushioning and FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology, both of which work together to absorb impact and keep your feet (and ankles and knees and lower back) super comfy.

  • They can take a pounding

This shoe was designed to handle some serious mileage while maintaining its plushness. The outsole is made of lightweight, durable AHAR® rubber, so you get more miles out of each pair before replacing them.

The Cumulus series

Designed to be an everyday shoe, neutral runners and underpronators (folks whose feet roll outward too far when they run) love the GEL-Cumulus for its versatility. In addition to logging your usual miles, it’s also great for other activities and daily wear. When wearing the ASICS GEL-Cumulus, you’ll notice:

  • Soft, seamless guidance

The Cumulus features GUIDANCE LINE™ technology and the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®), which work together to subtly enhance your natural gait so you run more efficiently. More efficient running means less likelihood of injury as well as decreased energy expenditure during your run.

  • Bouncy steps

ASICS’ patented GEL® technology makes for extra soft landings while FLYTEFOAM® Propel cushioning provides unbeatable energy return. Together they offer an enjoyable, bouncy ride mile after mile.

ASICS running shoe technology

ASICS GEL® Cushioning

Easily ASICS’ most prominent innovation, GEL Technology has been recalibrated, reformulated, and enhanced over the years and is currently in its most advanced form ever. Whether at the heel, forefoot, or both, ASICS GEL cushioning provides incredible shock absorption, reducing your run’s overall impact on your body with every step.


This specially designed elastomer material returns your own energy to you for a big bounce in your toe-off.


This innovation is made from organic nanofibers and offers extended cushioning with an unrivaled overall reduction in weight—it’s the lightest-weight midsole design from ASICS to date.

ASICS Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®)

Based on research into sports motion mechanics, this system is made of four interwoven components that work together to improve your gait from landing to push-off.

TRUSSTIC™ Technology

ASICS placed a lightweight thermoplastic piece under the shoe’s arch to offer the stability and support you need while keeping the overall weight down and extending the lifespan of the shoe.

Frequently asked questions

Are ASICS good running shoes?

Plenty of running enthusiasts and professional athletes choose ASICS as their go-to shoe, it’s true. But whether you personally consider them to be “good” running shoes depends largely on what you want from your shoes. For instance, if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight, minimalist shoe, then ASICS isn’t going to hit the mark for you because they don’t focus their efforts on minimalist shoes.

ASICS is known for its ultra-cushioned GEL® technology, which is designed to absorb impact and protect your body from the stresses of running. So if you appreciate a cushier, more protective running shoe, then ASICS running shoes are a great option for you.

If you have high arches, under- or overpronation issues, or if you’re a heavy heel striker, then ASICS has a lot of options that will help you log more miles in plush comfort.

Which ASICS running shoe has the most cushion?

ASICS GEL-Nimbus running shoes offer the most cushion of any other shoe in the company’s lineup. Combining FLYTEFOAM® Lyte, FLYTEFOAM® Propel, and SpEVA™ 45, this shoe was designed for runners seeking cloudlike comfort mile after mile.

Another great option for folks looking for a soft, cushy running experience is the MetaRide. This running shoe was designed to help you go the distance as comfortably as possible thanks to its clever use of FLYTEFOAM® Lyte, FLYTEFOAM® Propel, and rearfoot GEL®.

Which ASICS running shoes are best for me?

This will obviously depend on your unique requirements. Everything from your foot width and arch height to your gait pattern and preferred running surface should factor into which ASICS running shoes will work best for you.

1. Start with your arches and foot mechanics

Matching your foot’s anatomy and your individual running gait to the appropriate style of shoe is your first priority. Once you understand your arch height and pronation pattern, you can determine which shoe style is best for you. ASICS shoes tend to fall into one of three categories, each tailored to one of the three main movement patterns:

Cushioning: These running shoes are plush, squishy, and offer the most comfortable ride of any ASICS Shoe. These shoes are perfect for runners with high arches and/or runners who underpronate (their feet roll outward too far when they run) as well as neutral runners looking for an ultra-soft shoe. Cushioning shoes also offer the least amount of support, so keep that in mind if you’re considering a shoe from this category.

Popular models in the cushioning category include the GEL-Cumulus, Dynaflyte, and GEL-Nimbus.

Structured Cushioning: Perfect for neutral runners as well as mild overpronators, these shoes offer a just-right combination that isn’t too soft or too rigid. Great for folks with low to medium arches, shoes in this category answer the demands of runners looking for both support and cushioning.

Popular models in the structured cushioning category include the Evoride, FuzeX, GlideRide, MetaRide, and Tartheredge.

Maximum Support: Designed to curb severe overpronation (excessive rolling inward of the foot during a run), maximum support shoes are also known as motion control shoes. They are perfect for people with flat or low arches and/or runners who suffer from the previously mentioned severe overpronation. These shoes tend to be the most structured and inflexible because of the level of support they provide.

Popular models in the maximum support category include the GEL-DS Trainer, GEL-Kayano, GT-1000, GT-2000, and GT-4000.

Now that you’ve aligned yourself with the collection that best meets your anatomical needs, it’s time to ask some more questions to further narrow down your options:

2. What’s the reason for your run?

If you’re just planning on short daily runs to get your cardio in, then you can go for just about any shoe you personally find comfortable. Shorter distance runs are perfect for nearly all shoe types from ultra-lightweight speed shoes to super-plush cushioned shoes.

If you’re prepping for a marathon or other long race, you’re going to want a shoe that balances a lighter weight with cushioning and support. The lighter weight will keep you from getting overly fatigued while the cushioning and support will help your feet and legs feel fresher longer. Long-distance shoes need to keep you safe and comfortable as you push through mile after mile. Look for a durable outsole that can handle high mileage and a low-friction sockliner to keep blisters at bay.

If you’re training for speed, choose a lightweight shoe that fits snugly. Lightweight shoes are typically not the most cushioned, but speed training sessions should be short enough that the minimal padding doesn’t make you too uncomfortable.

3. What conditions do you expect to run in?

If you’ll mostly be running on flat/even surfaces, then a shoe with a rocker-shaped bottom can reduce the strain on your ankles. The MetaRide and the GlideRide both have rocker-shaped soles that allow for beautifully smooth transitions from your first mile to your last.

If you’ll be running on potentially uneven surfaces, look for shoes that are a little more rigid than you’d normally choose. Stiffer soles and uppers help to support your feet and ankles as the terrain changes under you.

If you enjoy running in the rain, or if you plan on running up and down a lot of hills, you might want a running shoe with extra traction. You can opt for “stickier” outsole materials, a deeper tread pattern, or both!

And, of course, if you’re planning on trail running, then you’ll want a heftier, even more supportive ASICS trail running shoe.

What’s the best ASICS running shoe for plantar fasciitis?

If you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis, ASICS GEL-Nimbus running shoes may be a great match for you. As the plushest shoe in the ASICS lineup, the GEL-Nimbus provides the softness and support your feet need on the run.

In addition to its premium cushioning, the GEL-Nimbus has Heel Clutching technology that maximizes foot contact with the shoe—keeping your foot securely in place and taking the strain off your ligaments.

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