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VEJA Running Shoes

VEJA Running Shoes

VEJA is one of the in-demand shoe brands, largely thanks to Meghan Markle wearing them and the fact that they're eco-friendly. And we've compiled the top VEJA running shoes for you here.

For a more in-depth review of the different VEJA models, see our breakdowns below.  Read More


The VEJA Condor 2

The Condor 2 is a neutral, daily running shoe,  It's great for moderate-to-long, easy, recovery runs.

The Condor 2 has a breathable mesh upper that's made from recycled bottles. And even though it's mesh, it's decently rigid which gives you better support.

One of the things that really makes VEJA shoes stand out is their durability. Because VEJA is all about being eco-friendly, they don't want you tossing out your shoes for a new pair all the time. So they make them extra durable so they'll last a while. 

How does the VEJA Condor 2 fit

The Condor 2 cradles your foot really well, giving you a secured feel.

The only place there feels like a little excess space would be in the toe box.

The design is a little bit narrow, so you could probably go up a half size if you have a wider foot. Just know that if you go up, then you’ll have even more extra room in the toe box (which some people might prefer)

The Condor 2 has a 10mm drop which is geared more towards a leisure running style.  Though this doesn't mean you couldn't pick up the pace when you need to.

How is the VEJA Condor 2 Running experience

One thing you'll notice is that, even though the Condor 2 has a bigger stack height under the heel  (27mm) compared to the Marlin, it's still a very firm shoe.  If you’re used to running in a more cushioned shoe, you'll definitely notice the difference.

After you wear them in though, the firmness seems to ease a little. But it's still a firmer running shoe compared to other brands out there.

If you prefer being able to feel the ground below you, and generally like a firmer feeling shoe, then you'll be right at home with the Condor 2.  But you probably wouldn't want to use this as your primary run shoe, if you're training for a marathon.

You also wouldn't want to take the Condor 2 on trail runs. It doesn't have quite enough support for the uneven terrain.

And unlike other firmer shoes, the Condor 2's cushion isn't responsive, where your energy gets absorbed and springs back into your next step.

You'll definitely get more of a workout running in the Condor 2 because you’re doing all the work.

But maybe the best thing about this shoe, as mentioned before, after plenty of runs, the Condor 2 will barely have a scratch on it. It’s a highly durable shoe that will last you a long time.

VEJA Condor 2 Conclusion

It's important to know that VEJA isn’t trying to use the most cutting-edge performance materials.  The company isn't about that at all.

Their goal isn't to be the most comfortable or the best performance running shoe.  If you're a long-distance runner, the Condor 2 might not be the best fit for you.

But if you're a casual runner, who hits the road a couple times a week for runs shorter than a 10k, then you'll probably love the VEJA Condor 2

This is a stylish shoe that you can run in, wear to the gym, and then head out to run errands or meet friends for drinks. 

The VEJA Marlin V-Knit

The VEJA Marlin V-Knit is a neutral road running shoe designed for comfort and speed.

The Marlin V-Knit is VEJA’s closest thing to a traditional road shoe, that’s also great for the environment.  It's made from 62% recycled material, making it very eco-friendly.

The Marlin was based on the Condor 2's, but it’s got a sleeker design, and it's lighter and more breathable.

How does the VEJA Marlin V-Knit fit

The Marlin V-Knit has a long, narrow fit.

It might even feel a bit snug at first, but after some walking and running in it, the shoe definitely breaks in.

Like them Condor 2, it's got plenty of room in the toe box. In fact, if you've got shorter feet, you may even think it's excessive room for your toes.

How is the VEJA Marlin V-Knit Running experience

The Marlin V-Knit definitely breaks in quick.

Similar to the Condor 2, it doesn't have the most springy responsiveness that other running shoes might have.

It's quite firm, which means you’ll be doing the work. Some people will prefer anyway, so just something to know.  The firmness has to do with the eco-friendly materials the company uses.

It has a 6mm drop which leads to faster pace running, but because of the lack of cushioning, you probably wouldn't want to run anything longer than a 10k.


VEJA Marlin V-Knit Conclusion

The Marlin V-Knit is VEJA’s take on an eco-friendly speed or performance shoe.

It's not intended to be an elite performance shoe.

But if you’re looking for a running shoe that leans on the performance side of the spectrum, and you want to do your part to help the environment, this is probably the shoe you’re looking for.


How to choose: VEJA Condor2 VS Marlin V-Knit

Best for shorter runs, or performance runs

The Marlin V-Knit is definitely more performance-friendly.
It's lighter, and it's more breathable. It's also got a more aggressive 6mm drop, which will lend to landing on your forefoot or midfoot, which you're more likely to do when running faster

The Marlin V-Knit is built for daily, shorter (maybe faster) runs.

Best for longer runs and every day runs

The Condor 2 is more ideal for longer runs and just casual runs. It's got a little bit more cushioning than the Marlin. And it's got a 10mm drop, which will typically guide you to land on your heels -- a more casual running gait.

If you were trying to run faster, the added weight from the thicker upper plus the extra cushioning will slow you down a bit.

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