Ask the Stringer: Why are some strings so much more expensive than others?

Q: Why are some stringer so much more expensive than others?

A: There are loads of different materials and processes that can be used when creating strings. In that general sense, tennis strings are like any other commercially available product: The more expensive the raw materials and the more involved the manufacturing process, the greater the end cost of the product. That's why natural gut strings are the most expensive type of strings on the market. Not only are the raw materials expensive, but the manufacturing process is also quite complicated.

Keep in mind that there are very nice strings available at virtually every price point throughout the spectrum. A knowledgeable retailer, a teaching pro, or a stringer can certainly offer excellent guidance, but in the end choosing a string is really based largely on personal preference. Players shouldn't feel pressured to purchase the most expensive string nor should they base their assessment of a string solely on price. I advise that most players not be afraid to experiment with different strings (and different price points) during their search.

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