CEP: Compression Enhancing Performance Sportswear
Compression Enhancing Performance, better known as CEP sportswear focuses on three key benefits: A faster run, an easier run, and a quicker recovery.

Owned by medi, a leading innovator and manufacturer of medical devices, CEP was launched in 2007 as their sports brand. They feature a line of socks, sleeves, shorts, tights, and skinsuits that are designed to deliver compression that improves blood flow. “We really focus on circulation,” CEP representative Christina Fendryk said when she and Regional Sales Manager Eli McGinley visited the Holabird Sports showroom.

The graduated compression design of the socks and calf sleeves “help push the blood up your legs,” Christina said with 24 millimeters of mercury around the ankle and 18 at the calf. That’s essentially what makes CEP different from other compression products; the consistent compression that targets the arteries.

To provide a faster and easier run for athletes, CEP compression socks allow proper blood flow back to the heart at the calf at the same time ankle compression penetrates deeper to also push blood back up to the heart. The anatomically correct left and right fit enhances the fit and comfort of the socks. During activity, CEP compression can increase blood flow up to 40 percent.

After activity, CEP compression can be used to repair muscle damage and prevent pains. During rest, CEP can increase blood flow up to 30 percent, which is great for travel and to prevent blood clots. They also help to reduce swelling and flush lactic acid. Targeted padding reduces slippage and moisture-wicking material extends the dry and fresh feeling.

Depending on the athlete’s preference, they can either wear CEP knee-high socks which put less stress on the upper leg, or short socks that are great for ankle and foot stabilization. CEP Calf Sleeves let athletes continue to wear their preferred socks while still benefiting from all the same improved circulation and muscle and joint stabilization as the socks.

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