Fitness Trackers & Pedometers for Every Budget
Lately it seems like every other person I see is wearing a fitness tracker. It's not just a technology phase, but a movement: the Quantified Self movement, otherwise known as self-tracking or lifelogging.

Today's trackers can do a lot: track activity and inactivity, count steps, count calories and even hours of sleep. But, as with anything in life, the more they can do, the more they usually cost. What if you don't want to make a big investment but still want to try one out and see if it's for you? Or, what if you only want to count your steps? Luckily, there are a variety of fitness trackers and pedometers, to fit both your needs and your wallet.

I WANT IT ALL: $60 - $100

Polar Loop Activity Monitor $100

This is a custom fit wristband, not a wristwatch. I like the band, and find it comfortable, but, I don't have a regular watch that I wear so I don't mind the watch-style trackers. (My husband is a watch fanatic so he definitely prefers the bands.) I like how easy it is to transfer your data using either the Bluetooth option or the USB. In addition to all of the tracking functions, the Polar Loop has a Smart Coaching feature to help motivate and guide you. It also gives you information on the many advantages of exercise. I also appreciate the reminders. I get absorbed in my work and often find myself sitting at my desk for long periods of time. The Polar Loop can remind you to get up and get moving. It's waterproof so you can wear it swimming or in the shower. It holds 12 days of data and the rechargeable battery gives you five days of non-stop use. It's mobile app is compatible with iOS 6 or later. And, since you input all of your personal data before you even begin, it's much more accurate than many other options.


  • Tracks daily activity 24/7

  • Helps you reach your goals by showing you how active you've been and what you need to do to get where you want to be

  • Shows you how the activities you do help you stay healthy

  • Tracks every single daily activity at five intensity levels: resting, sitting, low, medium and high

  • Smart calorie counter accurately calculates calories you burn based on YOUR data and the intensity of your activity

  • Step counter

  • Inactivity alert to let you know when it's time to get moving

New Balance Life Trainer $60

This tracker doubles as a wristwatch. It comes in a variety of bright, fun colors: electric blue, berry and lime. However, the wristband is reversible so if you prefer black with just a hint of color, that's no problem. Personally, I really like the look of the square face. It's water resistant up to 50 meters.


  • Monitors heart rate

  • 24-hour calorie burn rate based on basal metabolic rate and exercise data

  • Step counter

  • Step goal meter

  • Total distance

  • Estimated calories burned

New Balance NX510 Speed + Distance $60

Another wristwatch style tracker, this is a good choice for serious runners. It has a memory that holds up to 10 runs and keeps track of the date, total run time, lap times (with 100 lap memory), your average pace, your average speed, total distance, total steps and calories burned. It even has an auto-stride calibration. In addition to all of the specialized run functions, it has plenty of watch options, including dual time zone, daily alarm, and hourly chime. At $60, runners really can't ask for a better fitness tracker. It comes in a mini version for women who may need a smaller fitting watch.


  • Excellent workout memory

  • Tracks speed

  • Tracks pace

  • Tracks distance

  • Tracks calories burned

  • Step counter


Timex Wrist Pedometer Daily Tracker Mid T5K636 $50

This is just like it sounds: a pedometer you can wear. It has a time and date display so it also functions as a regular watch (complete with a night light for easy reading). It's water resistant at 50 meters.


  • Tracks steps

  • Tracks distance

  • Tracks calories burned

Soleus Tempo Pedometer $42

A very sporty looking watch/tracker, it comes in a variety of colors: black/yellow, black/lime and pink/silver and is easy to wear with just about anything. The Soleus Tempo uses a 3D accelerometer to count steps, distance and calories. It has a Daily Step Target, just set your goal and start walking! It has a 100 lap memory, 5 individual alarms and is water resistant up to 50 meters.


  • Tracks steps

  • Tracks distance (in both miles or kilometers)

  • Tracks calories

  • Calculates pace (in both miles or kilometers)

  • Daily Step Target helps you to meet your goals



New Balance VIA Slim Pedometer $21

If you prefer something that you can just slip in your pocket or bag just as easily as clipping on your belt or clothing, the VIA Slim might be for you. Built with 3-Axis™ Technology it can detect motion in multiple directions, allowing you to clip it just about anywhere. It displays the time and date so it can double as a clip-on watch. It has a daily workout memory and can tell whether you are walking or running.


  • Tracks steps

  • Tracks Distance

  • Tracks Calories

Timex Pedometer & Calorie Counter $14

This simple pedometer clips on to your belt or pack. It's battery powered with a flip-top case.


  • Counts steps (up to 99,999)

  • Tracks distance

  • Calculates calories burned

New Balance VIA Move Pedometer $8

The simplest of the bunch, it counts and tracks steps.