Carrying anything while you run can present problems. No one wants a bulky, bouncy pouch hanging off his or her waist. The FlipBelt is the solution we've all been waiting for.

The FlipBelt is one of those simple designs that works so well you'll wish you thought of it yourself. It's a hollow piece of stretchy fabric with four openings. You can put your phone, money, keys, energy GUs, etc, into the openings. You can wear them flipped over to "lock" your items in or you can wear them on the top or facing out. (Tip: You might feel more secure flipping and locking your items but it's not actually necessary. Everything fits in perfectly, with no movement, and leaving the openings in the front or top allows you to pull things out easier.) You can comfortably wear it around your waist or hips; just make sure to get the right size, you want it snug but not too tight. The FlipBelt comes in a variety of colors.

What you need to know about the FlipBelt:

  • It doesn't bounce.

  • It doesn't need adjusting once you start running.

  • It doesn't chafe.

  • Your items won't move around.

  • It doesn't feel like you're wearing an extra belt, it feels more like the waistband of your shorts.

Want a demonstration? Check out this FlipBelt video:

[youtube id="UTY_D3FukGw" width="620" height="360"]

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