I WILL Protect My Brand
I will protect my brand.

I will defend my intellectual property.

Or, Under Armour will.

Yesterday Under Armour filed suit against Nike for trademark infringement. According to the suit, Nike used ads with slogans that started with “I Will” across social media platforms.

Additionally, Under Armour lawyers accused Nike of trying to confuse customers by saying, “I will protect my home court,” which they claim is similar to UA’s infamous “Protect this House” campaign.

According to Forbes, “Under Armour said: ‘The I WILL trademark is one of the cornerstone symbols of our company and its products and services, and has been for many years. We have initiated a lawsuit against Nike, Inc. based on its infringement of Under Armour's federally registered I WILL trademark. We prefer to battle our competitors in the marketplace and on the field of play with our game-changing innovative products, but we will defend ourselves whenever necessary to protect what we've worked so hard to build. We will not allow a competitor to blatantly infringe upon our established trademark rights.’”

Under Armour first trademarked “I Will” in 2000, but have been using it since 1998. In 2003, Nike sued Under Armour claiming that their moisture-wicking clothing infringed on Nike’s trademarked Dri-Fit clothing. That case was dismissed.