Brooks is replacing the Trance with the new Transcend. This will be a stability shoe; however, the Brooks Transcend isn't like any stability shoe you've seen before.

Brooks Stride Signature

For years, Brooks has been on a quest to design footwear which improves performance and reduces your risk of injury. To do this, they are constantly trying to better understand running biomechanics. Years of scientific research have resulted in a brand new concept: the Brooks "Stride Signature" -- a new way of looking at which shoe is best for which runner.

Each of us have unique joint geometry, ligament flexibility, muscle strength and motion patterns, resulting in each of us having our own unique way of running. Instead of trying to find the "right" way to run and trying to "fix" what is wrong, Brooks wants to optimize the way each of us naturally run.

Your Stride Signature becomes your baseline, the start of your ideal form and alignment. The goal is to keep each runner in this natural motion path for as long as possible. Shoe geometries, midsole hardness or excessive stabilizing can actually push you outside of this path. Brooks has developed a new technology called "Guiderails." These wrap around the shoe and if your foot does roll inward, the Guiderails offer some control; however, if your foot is neutral, they do nothing. Basically, the shoe should act in harmony with the body, offering support only when you need it, resulting in improved performance and efficiency and a reduced risk of injury.

Brooks Transcend

The new Brooks Transcend has ideal pressure zones throughout the midsole and outsole. They also include the new Super DNA midsole compound -- a highly adaptive, cushioned midsole compound. The Brooks Transcend is on the "float" end of the Brooks running spectrum; it's a highly cushioned, soft ride that feels great.

The Brooks Transcend running shoe will be available February, 2014.

To learn more about Brooks running and the new stride signature, watch this video:

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