Stunning Style of Tennis Pros
The Open season is fun for the tennis, the rivalry, and, for some of us, the fashion. The major tennis brands have major tennis pros signed, and they go all out when it comes to designing their outfits for the Grand Slams. However, both Nike and Lotto are looking to their superstar women for inspiration for their Fall 2015 looks. Nike has released the Nike Premier Maria Dress and skirt, based on the superb fashion sense of Maria Sharapova. The dress is fitted with mesh darts on each side to keep you cool and for that perfect fit. The light, flexible fabric is perfect for high-performance players, while the white dress with mod black triangles make this a high-fashion statement. Superior performance and sophisticated style capture Maria Sharapova perfectly. They also have a Nike RF Hybrid Cap, with a big RF on the front. Perfect for those Federer fans who are convinced that this is his Slam.

Lotto is looking to Victoria Azarenka for their Fall 2015 look. Lotto's new Victoria look comes in a fun purple or bright red. Each piece is functional with a bit of feminine, floral mesh peeks out from the top and bottom of the dress, shirt, tank and bottom of the skirt. The Lotto Victoria Dress Fall 2015 is all mesh for amazing breathability.  The cut is fun and flirty, perfect for fast movements. From the colors to the lace touches, this collection sums up Victoria Azarenka's style perfectly.

Check out the slideshow below for images of all these great new styles:

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