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      Check out some of the products our staff have been loving.

      The Best Sandals for Summer Activities

      The Best Sandals for Summer Activities

      Summer is full of great activities: from hiking, camping, and river rafting to vacations, staycations, and festivals. No matter what you do this summer, you’re going to want to keep as cool as possible—and there’s no easier way to beat the heat than to let your feet enjoy that sweet summer breeze! We've rounded up some of the best sandals and slides around for all your summertime needs.

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      Getting Comfortable with Recovery Sandals

      Getting Comfortable with Recovery Sandals

      There are a million reasons to wear sandals. You’re at the beach. You want to show off your new shade of nail polish. You are an aspiring foot model. The list goes on!

      Have you ever considered that sandals could be worn for recovery? That’s right, they aren’t just for public showers anymore! Similar to how insoles provide support and relief, properly constructed sandals can also help alleviate sore feet and reduce pain in other areas of the body like the ankles, knees, hips, and back.

      Our team recently had an opportunity to try out the new Kholo PlusFusion 2, and Yumi support/recovery sandals from Spenco. As a group, we have a diverse set of opinions about wearing sandals. Some of us wear them all the time. Some only for certain activities or events. And at least one of us hasn’t worn sandals in public since the first Jurassic Park movie.

      We took a few weeks to try out the Kholo Plus and Fusion 2. Here are some of our initial thoughts:


      Ariel: Fusion 2

      “I went on a run the day I got the Spenco sandals and gave them a try when I returned to my apartment. The Fusion 2 sandals have a lot of cushioning with a little bit of support, which I liked, and they helped my feet stretch back out and relax after working hard. Though I think I would prefer a harder shoe since I need more arch support, these sandals have been great for walking around the house and outside.”


      Curtis: Fusion 2

      "I absolutely love my Fusion 2 recovery sandals. I wear them anytime my feet are sore after a run or just from being on my feet all day. I put them on after a long day of walking around DC the other day, and my feet felt so much better. While I wouldn’t normally wear them all day, these are the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn, and they’re perfect for recovery, quick trips to the store, or taking out the trash."


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      derek (1)

      Derek: Kholo Plus

      "I can count the number of sandals I have owned in my life on one hand. I grew up in the country and I’m used to going barefoot in the house, to the mailbox or to take out the trash. Over the last few weeks, I have been wearing my Kholo’s in the house and after working out. They haven’t converted me over to being a full-time sandal wearer, but I have noticed less pain in my knees and back. My feet are flatter than a pancake so I can really feel the orthotic-grade arch support these sandals provide and will continue to wear them throughout the summer.”
      Spenco Kholo Plus (women's)

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      Dustin: Yumi Plus

      New Column New Column New Column

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      Yumi Carbon Pewter
      While we all had different experiences wearing the Kholo Plus sandals we all agreed that we have found them to be a beneficial addition to our collection. If you need a bit more support in your step check out the latest insoles and sandals from Spenco!

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