The Fashionable French Open
Tennis clothing is getting more and more fashionable. New hi-tech fabrics are allowing sports designers to make clothing as functional as it is beautiful. Grand Slam tournaments are always interesting from a fashion perspective and this year was no exception.

High fashion designer Stella McCartney has been designing for adidas for years now; she continues to make some of the best looking tennis clothes available today.

adidas Stella McCartney Embroidery Skort

The adidas Stella McCartney Barricade Skort released at Roland Garros has an embroidered design that is so stylish you could wear it on the court or anywhere else.


Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 On Court Dress

The adidas Roland Garros Y-3 On Court Dress is cute. Pair it with a simple white pair of tennis shoes and you could wear this to run errands as easily as you run the court. It comes in all black or white with a floral print.



Lotto Lux French Open Dress

At the French Open Lotto released their new Lux French Open Limited Edition collection. Sequins, sequins, sequins! Available in a tank, skirt or dress, these sparkling pieces will have you shining on and off court.

Lotto Lux French Open Skirt