The Under Armour Fat Tire Trail Shoe Mimics a Bicycle Tire
The Under Armour Fat Tire, their newest trail running shoe, is different from anything you've seen before. It's meant to mimic a fat bicycle tire, complete with the nubby outsole.

Under Armour Fat Tire
Just like a properly pumped up bike tire, the shoe is fire and bouncy. In fact, it actually feels like it has an inflatable tube inside due to the Under Armour "Charged" midsole. This proprietary material offers a responsive ride. The softer foam is underneath. The result is responsiveness and comfort.

The unique shape of the sole and the heel lets you land at any angle and then roll back to center. There is a rocker in the forefoot to roll you off your toes.

The outsole is made by Michelin and consists of lugs that are varied in size.

Under Armour Fat Tire
Under Armour is known for making strides with technology. The Fat Tire promises to be no exception. Check out the Under Armour Fat Tire trail shoe.