Top-Rated Squash Racquets
Trying to put together a list of the "best squash rackets" is difficult. There are many factors to consider: level of play, weight, material, price. Instead, we decided to take a deeper look into the rackets our customers love the most; after all, they are the ones using these rackets day after day.

5 Stars

Dunlop Aerogel 130
The 2012-2013 Dunlop Aerogel 130 makes use of their infamous Aerogel Carbon Graphite construction which incorporates the world's lightest solid (it has a strength up to 4000 times its own weight). This 3D nanometer-sized molecular network delivers an unmatched strength to weight ratio. This means a well-balanced squash racket. This one also has a sleek design. The teardrop headshape provides longer main strings for greater string bed deflection. It comes prestrung with Precision 1.18mm, this Precision Powermax stringing enhances both the bed deflection and overall power. The Hydromax grip provides better power and control.

What does this mean for you? A light and maneuverable racket with both enhanced stiffness and increased power.

Who is this racket for? The Dunlop Aerogel 130 is a great choice for intermediate players to use in competition and/or practice.

What our customers say: "Absolute best out there."

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Prince EX03 Rebel Squash

This well-balanced performance frame is lightweight and powerful. The racket has plenty of maneuverability and a superior sweet spot. The EX03 rackets are the only ones that capture wasted energy at the moment of impact then channel it into each shot; in addition, the series of unique holes in the frames make the racket more aerodynamic. Prince also added a sculpted groove in the frame, their patented energy channel that increases spin by 25% and boosts ball control. The Energy Bridge reduces vibrations up to 50% and increases the virtual head size, giving you an 83% larger sweet spot. As if that wasn't enough, pro squash player James Willstrop played with this racket.

What does this mean for you? Improved accuracy and deceptively powerful with an extended sweet spot.

Who is this racket for? Anyone who favors a larger sweet spot without sacrificing power.

What our customers are saying: "It's a really good racquet, I'm glad I dug up the money to buy it. Worth it."

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Harrow Syncro

The high-performance Toray Carbon Fiber construction helps you make powerful swings. The dense string pattern offers increased control for more precision shots. The Syncro was actually a revamp of Harrow’s beloved Sting. Harrow improved both the design and composition so if you liked the Sting, you will absolutely love the Syncro. The frame is slightly head heavy.

 What does this mean for you? Greater accuracy with greater power, plus control and forgiveness.

Who is this for? Any player that desires better aim without sacrificing power or control. Perfect for practice and competition.

What our customers are saying: “Once you practice a lot this racquet is great. It does take some getting used to… I love this racquet.”

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4 1/2 Stars

Dunlop Aerogel 4D Pro GT-X

I'm pretty new to the game of squash; however, this is the racket I aspire to use. It's the most used racket on the PSA World Tour. It also uses the Aerogel Carbon Graphite construction for the strength to weight ratio; however, this frame provides even more of an enhanced performance, complete with a widened throat and long handle for better control and perfect balance. Add in the 4 Directional Braided technology and you get the perfect blend of power and stability. The 4D Braided material is made using four braided fibers of superlight composite fibers wrapped in an alloy sheath. The alignment of the fibers enable multi-directional stress support, making the 4D Braided material four times more effective with no increase in weight. Keep in mind that this racket is intended for advanced players and may not be durable enough for beginners.

 What does this mean for you? A top-of-the-line professional racquet with more maneuverability, control, and the ultimate in head-light feel. A true balance between power and control, this racket may help improve your game.

Who is this for? Advanced players and professionals for use in both competition and practice.

What our customers are saying: "The perfect racket!"

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