Under Armour HOVR Connected Series Running Shoes Let You Leave Your Phone at Home

Keeping track of your runs just got a whole lot easier with the HOVR Connected Series from Under Armour. These running shoes feature a Record Sensor™ chip that’s embedded within a watertight casing in the midsole that can track, analyze, and store your running data until you sync it to your phone. Using the UA MapMyRun app on your Apple or Android device, HOVR Connected running shoes can relay nearly every running metric you could ever need right to the palm of your hand.

UA HOVR Infinite

Made for neutral runners, this plush-yet-balanced shoe is great for long-distance running. Keeping you comfortable through an infinite number of miles, this ultra-performance shoe meets the demands of the most discerning runners with unmatched comfort and support.

UA HOVR Guardian

Made for overpronators, this shoe is structured similarly to the HOVR Infinite but with a focus on stability. This is another great shoe for long-distance running.

UA HOVR Sonic 2

This shoe balances cushion and flexibility for a smooth, easy ride. The second iteration of the Sonic introduces an improved tongue for better comfort and a more secure fit.

Connect any one of these great shoes to UA MapMyRun with a few simple steps and you’re ready to hit the road! Gain effortless access to your fitness achievements with one of UA MapMyRun’s two tiers: free and MVP. The ad-supported free plan offers unlimited mapped routes and workouts, workout details, splits, and more. For a fee, the MVP plan offers everything from the free plan plus heart rate analysis, interval training, power and cadence analyses, training plans and mobile coaching, and much more in an ad-free environment.