WATCH: ASICS GT-2000 2 Running Shoe Review
The Asics GT-2000 2 is now available, and I was lucky enough to wear test it for the past few weeks. When I first laced up the shoe, I immediately noticed the superior cushioning underneath the forefoot. When it comes to cushioning underfoot, the GT-2000 2 is literally the softest stability shoe I have ever worn. And I've worn a lot of running shoes. Sometimes I prefer less weight and higher responsiveness to cushioning, but the ride of the new GT-2000 is incredible.

Also, Asics redesigned the upper for a more secure fit. I tried the original GT-2000 and the new model side-by-side, and admittedly, the latter made it's predecessor feel, well, a bit sloppy. The 2000 2 wraps your foot well while still offering plenty of room in the toe box.

What's my final word? It's an extremely comfortable shoe that offers more cushioning than most stability models that I'm used to. It weighs in at 11.0 ounces for men (8.8 ounces for women), so it's not as light as other stability shoes that have "wow-ed" me with a featherweight feel. Yet, in this instance, I don't mind adding on a few extra fractions of an ounce for a highly plush shoe.

After three weeks of running, the shoe has remained quite durable, and I'm confident it will be able to handle a high volume of training miles.

See my full review in the video below:

[youtube id="K7k9X3yNBXs" width="620" height="360"]

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