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athletic propulsion labs

Athletic Propulsion Labs

You may have seen your favorite celebrity brandishing their new pair of APLs. These aren’t just performance shoes. They’re also intended to be a social statement. APL is where luxury meets performance.

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How APL running technology improves your performance.

APL TechLoom Bliss – APL’s minimalist shoe

The Bliss is APL’s most popular model. This model is the lightest, most minimal running shoe in the entire lineup. Its laceless design makes the shoe super simple to slide on your foot. And the extremely soft and stretchy upper makes the Bliss very comfortable all day. As the name and design both suggest, this might just be the most laid-back athletic shoe on the market.

Keep in mind, this is a minimalist shoe. If you’re looking to go on longer runs, or do an intense activity, this might not be what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a shoe you can wear on a casual run or to the gym, this is very likely the right shoe for you. (Especially if you’re looking to do it in style.)

What you’ll notice:

  • Sock-like upper

The Bliss’ upper is so ridiculously soft, it’s almost like a thick sock wrapping over your foot. It’s a very nice feel, to say the least.

  • Super light and comfy running shoe

It’s got enough cushion to keep your feet happy, and then this shoe just sort of gets out of your way. You can just slip the Bliss on and not think about it again.

APL TechLoom Phantom – APL’s well-cushioned cushioned shoe

The TechLoom Phantom is APL’s more protective shoe, designed for longer distances. They packed more cushion into the Phantom to keep your feet comfy on longer runs. And the upper is much more robust, giving you some stability and protection. Don’t expect it to be as light and breathable as the Bliss. But if you’d like a little more padding under your foot, the Phantom is probably a great fit.

What you’ll notice:

  • Soft

While the Bliss is comfortable, make not mistake. But longer runs, or even just standing around all day, your feet would probably start to feel a little tender. But the Phantom’s extra cushioning solves that problem.

You could probably stand all day in this shoe and never notice it. It might not have enough padding for a marathon, but your feet will feel great on typical runs.

  • Thick upper (compared to other APLs)

It’s not quite a rigid upper, but it’s noticeably heftier than the other models. Where the Bliss, Breeze, and Wave are very flexible, the Phantom is more protective of your feet.

APL TechLoom Wave – APL’s hybrid daily trainer

The Wave was created for people who want to run a few miles, but also wear them to a Crossfit or boot camp class. It essentially splits the difference between the Bliss and the Phantom. It’s light and flexible but with a tad more stability in the upper.

They made the upper a tad thicker, but still extremely flexible. It can hold your foot in place pretty well, even during multi-directional movements.

What you’ll notice:

  • Seamless upper

A cool feature about the Wave is that the tongue is a seamless part of the upper. What this means for you is a snug fit, but also, you can take the laces out and wear it like a slip-on.

  • Stylish

You should probably expect to get some looks when you’re wearing the TechLoom Wave. This shoe was invented to be a bit of a social statement. So while it’s good for performance, you’re also going to collect some style points in this shoe.

How to choose the best APL running shoe for you

Running shoes need a variety of technologies depending on the types of run you’ll be going on.

Casual runs

This type of running is for those that are wanting to get in some exercise. Or maybe you just want to reduce some stress. You'll want a great all-around shoe like the TechLoom Breeze. This shoe has a little bit of everything you need for casual runs. But, it is a bit on the heavier side due to its heavy cushioning.

If you’d like to be able to feel the ground beneath you, then you might appreciate the TechLoom Bliss. This shoe isn't heavily cushioned but it would be great for shorter runs.

Tempo/Fartlek training

Tempo training is more intense. You’ll be running in a variety of different directions and at different paces. For this type of running style, you’ll need a dynamic shoe.

The TechLoom Wave would be a suitable choice. It has a super-grippy outsole with aggressive lugs. And, it has a rock plate to protect against any sharp objects underfoot.

Racing/speed (5k-half marathon)

For racing, you'll need a light shoe that won’t weigh you down like the TechLoom Breeze. This is APL’s minimalist model, meaning it’s very light and not bogged down with cushioning. It has a 4mm drop which leads to a more aggressive, faster running style.

If you’ll be running slightly longer races, then you’d probably be better off in the TechLoom Phantom. It’s got a little more cushioning to hold you over for longer distances. And the upper is more sturdy to hold your feet in place. This means it’s not as light as the Breeze, but it’s not so heavy that it’s going to slow you down.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I use APL running shoes for trail running?

The short answer is no, it’s not ideal to use the same shoe for both activities. One reason is that you’ll wear your shoes out faster this way, and you’ll need to buy a new pair much sooner. But here are more specific reasons:

The problem with wearing trail shoes on the road: Road running shoes usually come with more cushioning than a typical trail shoe. This is to ease the impact of striking down on hard pavement. Without enough cushioning, you may notice unnecessary aching or possible injuries.

The problem with wearing road shoes on the trail: Road shoes don’t come with the technology to support your foot movement on uneven surfaces. For example, the upper on a road shoe isn’t typically as rigid as a trail shoe. This means it can’t help you from rolling an ankle when stepping over rocks and roots.

How often should I replace my APL running shoes?

You’ll typically want to replace your running shoes every 300-500 miles. This will help prevent unnecessary aching in your joints, and possibly even injuries. Some signs that’ll tell you it’s time for a new pair:

  • If you notice the cushioning taking longer to return to form after long runs. Or if you can tell it’s not as plush in general).
  • If the tread isn’t as grippy as it once was.
  • And lastly, the most important sign is how you feel during and after a run. If you start noticing new aches or strains in your legs, joints, and lower back this is often a sign that your shoes' technology is no longer doing its job.

Can I machine wash APL running shoes?

No, it’s not ideal to machine wash your running shoes. You’ll wear the shoe technology down faster this way, especially with the heat and banging against the walls of the dryer.

How should I clean my APL running shoes?

The best way is to use a soft brush and hand soap to clean your shoes.

  1. Simply remove the laces and insole if it’s removable
  2. Use the brush to lightly scrub off any dirt or gunk
  3. Rinse the shoe under cool water
  4. Let them air-dry, instead of setting them in direct sunlight

I need help deciding: Which would be the best APL running shoe for a beginner?

If you’re a beginner, it'll take a little time to figure out what you’ll specifically want, or need, in a running shoe. However, the APL TechLoom Wave is probably the best match for you. It’s got mid-level cushioning, and mid-level flexibility in the upper. This way, you can get to know your needs and preferences, and upgrade to a more specific model in the future.

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