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Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno made a name for themselves in the ’80s when early adopter Joe Montana wore their football cleats during a couple of his Super Bowl victories. While the company has since stopped making cleats, their running shoes have steadily been gaining popularity.

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Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno Running Shoes
    Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro Women's White/SilverMizuno Wave Rebellion Pro Women's White/Silver
    Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro Women's
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      Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro Men's White/SilverMizuno Wave Rebellion Pro Men's White/Silver
      Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro Men's
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      Mizuno made a name for themselves in the ’80s when early adopter Joe Montana wore their football cleats during a couple of his Super Bowl victories. While the company has since stopped making cleats, their running shoes have steadily been gaining popularity.

      With technology that’s designed to maximize athletic performance and improve comfort, Mizuno knows how to cater to the specific needs of runners. But they’re not just known for their innovative shoe tech, superior comfort, and high quality; Mizuno shoes are also loved by runners everywhere for being stylish.

      What separates Mizuno from the rest?

      They’re pioneers: When Mizuno branched into the running shoe market, their Wave Plate technology was a huge innovation. The midsole plate was designed to absorb shock while keeping the foot stable, which was a giant leap forward for protecting runners from injuries.

      They deliver results: Many running shoe companies just pay athletes to endorse them. But when the Mizuno corporation introduced their Racing Star 100 model, they wanted their shoes to actually produce measurable results that would speak for themselves. The shoe used an unprecedented customization level at the time to match a runner’s exact foot shape, while still being extremely lightweight. Mizuno’s efforts paid off: In 1991, Carl Lewis wore the shoes to set the new track-and-field world record in the 100-meter dash.

      Now that’s an endorsement!

      How Mizuno running shoes improve your run

      Mizuno Wave Inspire series

      Mizuno’s most popular stability shoe for daily running, the Wave Inspire is designed for runners looking for a more responsive stability shoe—especially heel strikers. Thanks to Mizuno’s proprietary U4ic foam, Wave Inspire running shoes absorb shock and transform it into energy that you can use for a powerful toe-off. Engineered mesh provides you with a soft, breathable fit that is snug in all the right places for ultimate security.

      Mizuno Wave Rider series

      Mizuno’s go-to neutral running shoe has plenty of cushioning for long distances, and yet it’s firm and responsive enough for shorter, faster spurts. Featuring Wave cushioning technology, the Wave Rider offers a comfortable, supportive feel that will help keep your form in check without being intrusive. And the mesh upper is light, allowing your feet to breathe comfortably.

      Mizuno Wave Prophecy series

      Mizuno threw all of their top-of-the-line technology into Prophecy running shoes, including their thermoplastic Infinity Wave plate, which absorbs shock better than typical foam midsoles. The Infinity Wave Plate is made of high-quality materials that last longer than traditional foam, providing a consistently soft, protective ride mile after mile. Mizuno’s Dynamotion Fit technology provides a snug fit that lets you feel secure no matter how you run.

      Mizuno's running shoe technology

      Mizuno Wave technology

      Mizuno’s Wave tech is what the company is most known for. It’s a specific midsole plate designed to keep the foot stable but also cushioned. And each different Wave Plate is engineered to address a runner’s unique needs.

      Parallel Wave: This tech is mostly found in Mizuno’s neutral running shoes. It’s built to evenly distribute the shock of impact across the midsole.

      Infinity Wave: Designed like a figure eight, the Infinity Wave Plate is made to be durable enough to handle high mileage. This tech provides consistent cushioning over the period of a long run, and many runs, unlike a typical foam midsole that can get worn down.

      Fan Wave: This plate is designed for stability. The unique shape and placement of the Fan Wave allow it to offer support without compromising comfort.

      Dynamotion Fit

      Mizuno used motion capture technology to create a biomechanic blueprint that adapts to your foot’s movement through the entire gait cycle. The end result is a custom feel that doesn’t hinder your stride or restrict your feet.

      U4ic and U4icX

      Pronounced “euphoric,” this midsole tech offers both responsiveness and enough cushioning to keep your feet feeling good through the entire run. It looks like a wedge positioned under the heel of the foot. And it’s designed to weigh roughly 30 percent less than typical midsole materials. The U4icX is even lighter and has even softer cushioning than the U4ic.

      Frequently asked questions

      Are Mizuno running shoes true to size?

      Some Mizuno models are more true to size, such as their neutral runners. Where the models designed for stability and maximum support, such as the Wave Prophecy, are usually going to hug your foot tighter.

      In order to get the best fit, it’s a good idea to try before you buy. When you try the shoe on, you want it to be comfortable, but without a ton of excess room in the heel.

      What’s the best Mizuno running shoe for me?

      This will depend, of course, on your unique needs and preferences. Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular Mizuno models and what type of runners they’re best suited for.

      The Wave Rider has a little bit of everything, making it a great shoe for training at the gym, running a 5K, going for a leisurely walk, or just running errands.

      The Wave Horizon is Mizuno’s top-tier stability shoe for overpronators (people whose feet roll inward too far when they run) and people who just want more support.

      The Wave Prophecy is practically a foot fortress, containing every piece of protective technology in Mizuno’s arsenal. If you’re looking for protection and support, this would be your shoe.

      The Wave Sonic is a speedster shoe. If you’re going for pure athletic performance, like improving your race time, this is a good option for you.

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