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norda 001 regolith trail running shoes in a natural outdoor setting

norda Trail Running Shoes

norda is quickly becoming one of the top-tier shoes in the trail running world, thanks to its innovative design and stronger-than-steel materials. And we've compiled the top norda trail running shoes for you here.

For a more in-depth review of the different norda models, see our breakdowns below.  Read More


The norda 001 Trail Running Shoe

The 001 is norda's flagship trail shoe, designed to be a very technical, and perhaps the most durable model on the market today.

If you don't know, one thing that makes norda shoes so unique is that they're made with Dyneema.

Dyneema is supposed to be stronger than steel, so it’s very durable and will last a long time.  This also means that your foot will be quite warm in the upper

They’re also very light for such a rigid shoe. Weight-wise, they’re on par with a typical trail shoe, but when you feel how solid they are, it almost feels like a mismatch because of rigid.

The norda 001 has a lot of reflective areas, so you’ll definitely be seen -- this is just a nice little safety feature, especially if you use this as a road-to-trail shoe.

How does the norda 001 fit & feel?

The Norda 001 feels much more comfortable than you'd think, almost surprisingly comfortable, for such a rigid trail shoe.  This is largely thanks to the Vibram midsole -- yet another feature that sets norda apart from many of its competitors.

This shoe doesn't have a lot of structure in the heel, so there could possibly be a little heel slippage.

How is the norda 001 running experience?

It’s very cushiony to run in, particularly for a trail running shoe. Typically, trail shoes lack the cushioning that road running shoes come with, which are built to run specifically on hard pavement. And this is what makes the norda 001 an excellent road-to-trial shoe, because the cushioning is plenty soft to run on pavement, but not overly cushy that it gets in your way when running trails.

It’s also an extremely comfortable walking around shoe.  And since the 001 is insanely durable, you can use it as your daily all-purpose shoe, and it’s not going to get worn out any time soon.

Who is the norda 001 trail running shoe for?

This is a very technical trail shoe, for serious trail runners. It's also a stylish trail shoe that you can wear absolutely anywhere.

On the style note, one thing to know about Dyneema is that if you get this shoe dirty, it’s going to stay dirty (probably for life).

So just know that if you cake it up with mud or dirt, you can’t simply throw it in the wash, or scrub it, and make it like new again. Just something to keep in mind.


The norda 001 G+ Spike Trail Running Shoe

The norda 001 G+ Spike is similar to the normal 001, but with the addition of 20 carbide-tipped steel spikes.

It also has a graphene membrane liner, which is both the strongest and lightest material in the world.

The graphene liner makes the G+ Spike waterproof, and yet also surprisingly breathable. This feature alone makes this shoe one of, if not the, most elite trail shoes in the world.

If you’re splashing through cold puddles your feet stay dry. If you’re running on a warmer day, you’re feet stay cool. Graphene is a truly unbelievable material, which makes the G+ Spike a truly amazing trail shoe.

How is the Norda 001 G+ Spike running experience?

Just like the 001, the G+ Spike has excellent cushioning. It’s great at absorbing the energy from your impact and returning it into your next step. This takes some of the workload off your leg muscles, which saves you energy, so you can run or hike longer. 

Who is the Norda 001 G+ Spike for?

The G+ Spike is for serious trail runners.

This is not designed for casual trail runners. The steel spikes alone will limit where you’ll want to wear the shoe. If you’ve got nice hardwood floors at home, for example, you won’t want to get the spikes anywhere near them.

Considering the premium materials in this shoe, and the top-shelf price tag, this shoe is definitely more of an investment than a casual trail shoe.

The great news is: the G+ Spike does everything it claims. So if you are a serious trail runner, then you will absolutely notice the difference.

Also because of the almost indestructible material the G+ Spike is made from, you won’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon, if ever!

Norda 001 VS G+ Spike -- which is the right choice for you?

For multitasking and technical trail running 

The norda 001 -- If you’re looking for a trail shoe that can be used for multi-tasking, then the Norda 001 is definitely your shoe. The steel spikes on the G+ Spike aren’t great for certain surfaces. The 001 is also extremely comfortable for just walking around and running errands.

For highly technical trail running (and not much else)

The G+ Spike -- If you know you’ll be running through seriously slippery terrain, the G+ Spike is probably your best bet. This is also your best option if you want a fully waterproof shoe to keep your feet dry. But because of the spikes, you probably won't use this as a casual errand-running shoe.

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