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NormaTec is one of the top-tier recovery brands on the market, used by fitness professionals and Olympic athletes. And we've put together the top NormaTec devices to help you recover from workouts, soreness, and injuries. For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

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          NormaTec 2.0 Full Body Recovery System

          The NormaTec 2.0 Full Body Recovery System is a compression suit that uses air and pulse technology to massage your muscles and increase your blood flow. It’s by elite athletes, gym goers, as well as people who are just tired of feeling sore all the time.

          Unlike a massage gun that you have to hold and guide on your own, all you have to do with the NormaTec system is sit still and let it go to work on you.

          Another great thing about the NormaTec 2.0 is that it runs off a rechargeable battery, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in while you’re using it. This means you can move around and use it in different rooms, and even take it to the gym or to work with you.

          How Intense is the NormaTec Pulse 2.0?

          It can be quite powerful, especially when cranked up to level 7.However, other than some other compression suits, NormaTec designed it so that the patterns and intensity it uses don’t ever feel uncomfortable or like it’s using too much force. And you can use the handheld control or the app to adjust the intensity level to your liking.

          You’ll probably find that level 5 is as high as you’d ever need to go. If you’ve ever gotten a sports massage, that’s close to what level 5 feels like.After a full session on level 5 or even 4, you’re going to feel the way you would after sleeping for 12 hours

          What’s the typical session length for the NormaTec Pulse 2.0?

          I can be any length you want. A thirty minute session is usually all you’ll need. But if you want longer the device goes up to just shy of 3 hours. And if you want even longer than 3 hours, just keep hitting the plus button and it will display the word “continuous”. In this mode it’ll continue massaging you until you make it stop.

          Main features & benefits

          • Long massage sessions

          Most compression suits have sessions that last maybe 10 — 15 minutes. But NormaTec’s longest massage setting is 2 hours and 55 minutes. And of course you can even set it to go for longer if needed.

          • App connection

          Even though it comes with a handheld control, the app is so much easier to use and it’s more intuitive. It’ll also store all your data so you can access it, or share it with someone like a trainer or coach.

          • Pre-set pressure patterns

          NormaTec has spent a ton of time researching and designing their Pulse pattern and their Sequential pattern. They work in a specific sequence to reduce lactic acid buildup, and give you the best results in a comfortable way.

          • Premium feel

          When compared to similar compression devices, it’s immediately obvious that the NormaTec 2.0 is on the high-end of the spectrum. The materials feel nicer, and the compression feels more deliberate and soothing. This is why it’s used by so many elite athletes.

          NormaTec PRO 2.0 Full Body Recovery System

          The NormaTec Pro model has everything the original model has, plus extra customization settings.This means you can target more specific areas, so that each massage session is tailored to you and your muscles’ needs on any given day.

          How It Helps:

          The NormaTec Pro 2.0 massages your muscles to increase your bloodflow to areas that need attention while helping to decrease any inflammation.It’s got two different base massage patterns you can choose to run through:

          • NormaTec Pulse pattern — it fills chambers progressively, it’s designed to not holding one area too long and restricting blood flow
          • Sequential pattern — this one inflates all the way through, hold, then release

          The pressure levels can be adjust, from 1 up to 7. Many people tend to find 4 — 5 to be their sweet spot, but of course everyone is different so you can experiment a little to find what feels best for you.And if you’ve got a particularly sore area, it’s got a Zone Boost feature that allows you to slightly increase the pressure and time over that area.One tip: be sure to wear comfortable clothing before starting up the NormaTec Pro System. For example, if you’re wearing clothes with a protruding zipper (like on the ankle) or you have something in your pockets, it could poke you and get uncomfortable.

          Some of the top features

          • Easy to use app

          The app makes it so much easier to adjust the settings by using your phone. And with the app you can design custom routines and track your biometrics. This is especially nice if you have a personal trainer or coach, because you can easily share the data with them.

          • Portable

          The device is small and very light, making is easy to place in a gym bag and carry with you wherever you go.

          • Fully customizable

          You can adjust everything from which areas to target, to the massage pattern, to the session length, and of course the intensity

          Some of the main benefits

          • You recover faster

          The compression reduces inflammation and increases your circulation

          • You can minimize general achiness

          The NormaTec Pro isn’t just used to treat injuries. Many people use it as a relaxing massage to wind down after a long day.

          • You’ll feel energized

          After a full session you’ll feel so rejuvenated, similar to getting a full night’s sleep.

          What’s the difference between the NormaTec 2.0 and the Pro version?

          There are only two differences between the NormaTec 2.0 and the Pro model:

          Full customization

          On the regular 2.0 you can choose the intensity and the length of a session, it’ll then apply those settings to it’s pre-programmed compression patterns. But on the Pro version you can get as specific as choosing a single area of your leg, for example, and have it focus solely there.

          Rehab Mode

          On the NormaTec Pro version there’s also a Rehab Mode that has some preset patterns for any different area you want to target. Other than those features, both models are the same. Same great battery life. Same quality compression. Same recovery results.

          I need help deciding: Which would be the best NormaTec massager for me?

          It really comes down to cost and how much customization you want. If you’ve got specific areas that you feel need more targeting massage time than others, then the Pro version is probably going to be your best bet. If you simply want to recover from general soreness and aching, then the NormaTec 2.0 version is likely all you’ll need.

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