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      Under Armour Running Shoes

      Under Armour Running Shoes

      Good running shoes offer stability, comfort, support, and protection. But what about style? That’s where Under Armour comes in. Their road running shoes provide everything you need to crush every mile. And because they started as a clothing company, Under Armour running shoes come with an added dose of style.

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        Running Shoes: Under Armour HOVR Infinite 2 Men's Beta/Black Running Shoes: Under Armour HOVR Infinite 2 Men's Beta/Black
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        What separates Under Armour running shoes from the rest?

        They help you keep track of your fitness

        Select Under Armour shoes feature an integrated chip that connects to the MapMyRun app that allows you to own your workout. With this feature, you can track your pace, stride length, and the number of steps. You get coaching every step of the way to ensure your workouts are effective. And, you can also connect with other runners in your area for motivation and exciting challenges.

        They take environmental responsibility seriously

        Under Armour understands that we all share the same home field: Earth, and they take steps to protect it. They use virtual and 3D product samples to cut down on waste. They’re making conscious efforts to use fewer materials that cannot be recycled in favor of those that can while also challenging themselves to engineer fabrics that are 100% recyclable. Under Armour also favors digital fabrication techniques that allow for minimized scraps, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and less water consumption.

        Under Armour was given the REPREVE Champions of Sustainability award in 2018 for diverting nearly 10 million plastic bottles from oceans and landfills and using them in about 2.5 million UA shirts. The company is currently working toward their near-term goal of increasing the use of recycled polyester to at least 15 percent by 2020.

        How Under Armour HOVR running shoes can help you improve your run

        Under Armour HOVR running shoes all start with proprietary HOVR foam and a mesh Energy Web, which work together to give you a zero-gravity feel and bouncy energy return with every step. The shoe’s foam frame keeps your foot stable, minimizing stress on your lower body.

        Shoes in the HOVR collection feature an embedded chip that seamlessly connects to Under Armour’s MapMyRun app for hands-free activity tracking that lets you keep tabs on your pace, splits, stride, distance, and more—it even works with or without your smartphone! If you choose to run with your phone, you can even get personalized running feedback and coaching in real time!

        Building upon this base of HOVR foam, Energy Web mesh, and integrated activity tracking, each shoe in the HOVR collection is further designed to meet the specific needs of individual runners, so whether you need a cushy distance shoe or a lightweight speed shoe—there’s something for you in this lineup!

        HOVR Sonic Series

        Under Armour HOVR Sonic running shoes offer the perfect combination of cushioning, firmness, and bounce for neutral runners looking for a light, breathable shoe for long runs.

        HOVR Guardian Series

        Designed for underpronators (runners whose feet roll inward too much with each step), HOVR Guardian running shoes provide comfortable stability for the long haul. Midfoot and heel support materials guide your foot into a more efficient gait pattern.

        HOVR Machina Series

        Featuring a propulsion plate that combines Pebax® and carbon, the HOVR Machina was built for speed. Enjoy springy toe-offs and smoother transitions in this super lightweight, energetic running shoe that’ll get you where you’re going faster than ever.

        HOVR Infinite Series

        Perfect for keeping legs fresh on long runs, HOVR Infinite running shoes provide maximum softness and energy return to keep you comfortable mile after mile.

        Frequently asked questions

        Which is the best Under Armour marathon training shoe?

        Under Armour HOVR Infinite running shoes feature a specially designed midsole for maximum support, comfort, and energy return. A thick layer of HOVR foam is wrapped in Energy Web so that it maintains its shape and boosts energy return, allowing you to enjoy a consistently bouncy ride from your first step to your last, every time you go for a run.

        The full-length rubber outsole offers firmness, traction, and durability that can stand up to high mileage. And the forefoot grooves help with flexibility and smooth transitions, keeping you comfortable over long distances.

        What is the best Under Armour stability shoe?

        Under Armour HOVR Guardian running shoes offer the support you need to run any distance efficiently and comfortably. The shoes feature a medial post chassis that guides your foot to its most natural strike pattern. An external heel counter offers superior support and provides a locked-in feeling that allows you to run confidently.

        Which Under Armour running shoe is best for beginners?

        If you’re new to running, it can be a little overwhelming when selecting a pair of running shoes. However, the main consideration is really just your personal comfort. If you find your running shoes comfortable, you’re more likely to get out there and run. And the more you run, the better you’ll get at it.

        With that said, there are obviously some other factors to consider when buying a pair of running shoes. If possible, go to a specialty running store in your area to have your gait assessed to determine if you need footwear that addresses any specific issues you may have such as underpronation (your feet rolling outward too much when you run) or overpronation (your feet rolling inward too much when you run).

        The staff can also have a look at your arches and measure your feet to ensure you get the best possible fit. Properly fitting shoes that meet your unique needs can go a long way in helping you stay comfortable and safe.

        What other products does Under Armour offer?

        Under Armour got its start manufacturing high-tech performance apparel. Whether you’re into running, football, basketball, yoga, weight training, or something else entirely, Under Armour clothing can help you keep cool while your workout heats up.

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