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Rest, relaxation, and recovery. That's what you'll get every time you turn on a Theragun machine. Quieter than an electric toothbrush yet powerful enough to deliver up to 60 lbs of force, it's no wonder why Theragun is the official recovery device of the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association). These massage guns are sure to help you prepare for your next workout. Shop All Theragun

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Melt Away Soreness

Every athlete, regardless of their fitness level, should understand the importance of recovery. Tension and inflammation build up after you break a sweat, making it harder to repeat your workouts the next day. Without proper recovery, this can increase the risk of injury. Theragun devices work wonders on sore muscles, helping you stay in the game and off the sidelines.

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Silent But Powerful

Let's be honest — nobody wants to use a massage gun that sounds like nails in a blender. Theragun's brushless motor uses QuietForce Technology™ to deliver unrivaled power with a remarkably quiet sound. These devices are softer than an electric toothbrush, but pack a punch to attack tight muscles. Enjoy the deep muscle treatment you deserve without bothering those around you with Theragun’s ultra-quiet percussive therapy.

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