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      Holabird Sports - Trigger Point
      Holabird Sports - Trigger Point

      Trigger Point

      Keep your body in peak condition with self-myofascial release (SMR) tools from Trigger Point. In addition to traditional foam rollers, massage balls, and other SMR aids, Trigger Point also features a line of tools that utilizling heat or vibration which helps you to keep your muscles healthy and ready for action. Shop All Trigger Point

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      Trigger Point IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun

      Recover quicker with the Trigger Point IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun

      Looking for a better way to warm up before exercising? Then the Trigger Point IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun work its magic on your muscles. This 4-speed, controllable massage gun works on sore and tight spots to increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue, and improve workout performance. The shorter head-to-handle distance improves control so you can hit those hard to reach areas. If you’re looking for a relaxing cool down at the end of a tough workout, then let the Trigger Point IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun aid in your recovery.

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      Stay Energized with the Trigger Point MB Vibe

      Stay loose and recover quicker with the Trigger Point MB Vibe™ massage ball. Using vibrating massage technology, the MB vibe helps speed up the muscle recovery process after a long, hard workout. Its compact size makes it an ideal travel companion and is easy to roll in any direction, so you can target sore muscles from multiple angles. A three-speed vibration helps deliver various options to keep you on the quick road to recovery.

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      Trigger Point MB Vibe

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