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The New Wilson Clash

A tennis racquet revolutionizing the playing experience, the Wilson Clash 100 and 100 Tour are breaking barriers. Featuring a unique design with specialized frame geometry, players gain impressive power and stability from the Clash. Tennis players with any swing style will benefit from the technology coursing through this racquets veins.

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The Wilson Clash Racquet Revolution

While tennis players are sure to enjoy the new Clash racquets simply on their own merits, consumers may gain a new respect for the racquets upon discovering what went into creating them. Wilson’s journey to launch the line is a testament to the importance of understanding your customers and creative problem solving.

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The Wilson Clash Process

Qualitative Research

After conducting over 200 hours of customer interviews to determine what players felt was most important in a racquet, it wasn’t speed or power that was the clear winner—control was the highest priority for the majority of consumers.

Concepting for Control

The 600-plus ideas that initially stemmed from consumer research were cut down to 206 that seemed the most realistic. Those 206 ideas were further refined to 50, which dropped to 12, and then finally only the six strongest ideas were left.


Those six concepts were then brought to the prototyping phase. Wilson employs a sort of “churn and burn” testing process where prototypes for new racquets are tested as quickly as possible, creating more data to analyze.

Public Debut

Only time will tell if the Clash line will achieve Wilson’s extraordinary goal of making all other racquets obsolete. However, what is certain is that Wilson is currently at the forefront of research and design in their industry.

Wilson Clash at Holabird

Holabird Sports hosted a play-testing event as part of the Wilson Clash Bus tour. Initial feedback from our play-testing event was incredibly positive, with many people pre-ordering the racquet immediately upon trying it out. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to try the racquet and chat with Holabird and Wilson staff members!

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