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      16 Gauge


      219 Meters

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      Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 Gold 720' Reel

      Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 Gold 720 is an all-around performance tennis string that offers a balance of playability and durability for all playing levels and playing styles. The 16/1.30mm gauge string boasts a slightly thinner circumference than the 15L, but still offers plenty of durability. This gauge still offers quite a bit of durability with a bit more power and playability than the 15L. Ideal for hard hitters and chronic string breakers who don't mind restringing a littler more frequently in order to get more power.

      • Solid Core Synthetic string.
      • Combination of Nylon 6 core, nylon monofilament wraps, nylon coating and Gamma Irradiation Processing for exceptional all-around performance and extra playability with superior durability.