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Oncourt Offcourt MultiTube Ball Tube

The OnCourt OffCourt MultiTube Ball Tube is a highly durable and effective tool for maximum ball pick-up fun! This special ball tube can pick up tennis balls, pickleballs, and quick start balls. The flexible end caps are soft so they won't damage the tennis court surface. Each MultiTube also includes a shoulder strap for easier transport.

Below are the ball capacities for tennis balls:

  • Red "Quick Start" Balls - 35 balls.
  • Orange "Quick Start" Balls - 42 balls.
  • Green "Quick Start" Balls - 45 balls.
  • Regular Tennis Balls - 45 balls.
  • Pickleballs* - 30 balls.
  • * Please Note that after filling the MultiTube half-way with Pickleballs, the tube will require a gentle "shake" to help the pick-up process.