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Pickleball Eye Coach

Unlock the power of sweet spot training with the Billie Jean King Pickleball Eye Coach. After inspiring millions on the court, Billie Jean King helped players improve their game with the tennis Eye Coach. This solo pickleball training device teaches you to keep your head still, eyes focused and arms steady as you strike the ball in perfect rhythm. The pickleball trainer is nearly identical to the tennis version but has a lighter hitting arm, a spinning pickleball (to help players learn how to feel and hit spin more effectively), and a lower hitting height suitable for pickleball. If you want to master the one skill that controls your entire game, try the Billie Jean King Pickleball Eye Coach!

  • Perfect Pickleball Practice at home will improve your performance 300% faster on-court no matter your level.
  • Just 5 minutes a day = 1 hour on the court, giving you increased performance.
  • Your improvement at home will transfer 100% to on-court play.
  • Using a series of still and moving balls on the Eye Coach allows you to work on technique and timing.
  • Trains your brain to hit the sweet spot consistently and reduce mishits dramatically.
  • Adjustable height 32"-39"
  • For players of all heights and levels

note: Larger items like court equipment and tennis ball machines (often made to order) may not be stocked in our Baltimore warehouse. These items are carefully assembled and shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please give us a call if you'd like to pick this item up from our store so we can check availability and prepare your order.