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head light
head heavy



Cover Included



Wilson Synthetic

Head Size

97 sq. in.


27 in.

String Pattern

16M x 19C


Paradigm Bending


50-60 lbs


9.5 Ounces

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Wilson Pro Staff 97UL v14

Want the head-light feel and precision of the Pro Staff line in an ultralight, maneuverable frame? Try the Wilson Pro Staff 97UL v14! Featuring a refined, elegant design and coloring inspired by rich earth tones, this racquet is an even lighter version than the Pro Staff 97L v14. Enjoy the same dense string pattern that allows you to swing aggressively while maintaining pinpoint accuracy. Paradigm bending technology alters the bending profile of the shaft and hoop, optimizing the balance between them to give you the great control needed for the modern, vertical swing.

Racquet Technology

  • Braid 45 Construction: This racket features a unique construction that arranges double-braid fibers at 45-degree angles to provide incredible stability and an elevated pocketing feel.
  • String Mapping: A denser string bed provides an elevated feel and outstanding precision.
  • Ergonomic End Cap: Improved comfort and playability.
  • Paradigm Bending: Unique carbon fiber construction that optimizes the hoop and shaft's bending profile for elevated flexibility without losing any of the power needed for the modern swing.
  • Design: Combines the classic, elegant persona of the Pro Staff franchise with modern innovation