2014 Baltimore Marathon Recap
Can you image being so far ahead in a marathon that you can take a bathroom break? That's exactly what happened to Alex Wang, 23, who won the women's marathon with a time of 2:58:41. She was so far ahead of the pack that she actually stopped to take a bathroom break. A native of Ellicott City, this was her first time running the full Baltimore Marathon.

On the men's side, last year's winner, Dave Berdan, was injured at Mile 12, giving Brian Rosenberg from Pennsylvania the chance to take the lead and the win.  Rosenberg, 37, finished with a time of 2:33:27 – a full three minutes ahead of the second place winner.

The marathon started an hour earlier than usual and the day was beautiful. Twenty-five thousand people participated.

Check out these photos of the 2014 Baltimore Marathon, including the Shock Trauma running team:



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