adidas adiZero ClimaCool Feather III Tennis Shoes Review
We asked two tennis playing cousins to review the new adidas adiZero ClimaCool Feather III tennis shoes. These lightweight shoes were built for speed, but how do they hold up on the court?

Review #1: Leo

The adiZero ClimaCool Feather III tennis shoes are built to help your performance on the court. They give the player the ability to move with high reaction speed and agility. At first, the shoes may feel a little odd, at least they did for me. I was not used to the kind of insole cushion that adidas uses and it felt stiff, but after a few wears it loosened up a bit and was actually comfortable. Another tiny con was having to move the lip of the shoe a number of times to get just the right comfort that I wanted.

The Feather III's are provided with adiTUFF on the upper toe area. This adds a cage-like look and should give the player flexibility and more comfort during any high-level play. With this synthetic type material it adds more durability and helps prevent any tears or rips to the upper toe area. The herringbone pattern on the outsole of the shoe provided me with enough traction to make sharp cuts and sudden stops. The Climacool ventilation definitely kept my feet nice and cool while playing. Even with all of the features that the adidas adiZero Feather III's provide, these are the lightest shoes that I have ever owned.

I would definitely recommend these shoes to friends who want to improve their performance on the court. They come in different colors, giving you a fashionable, high-performance shoe. I give this shoe a 4.5/5.

Review #2: Louie

The adidas adiZero ClimaCool Feather III is easily my new favorite tennis shoe. With its SPRINTFRAME to lock in the heel, I feel comfortable chasing any ball down the court.

I was also impressed with the durability of the shoe. I definitely felt the added support of the adiwear outsole; I believe that will make this shoe last longer than most.

But my favorite part of the shoe, besides the hot colors, is the SPRINTWEB technology in the forefoot. It really locks my foot in during play.

The only flaws were the tongue and break-in time. The tongue was a little difficult to adjust and it didn't stay in place after I slipped my foot into the shoe. However, once I had it just right, it felt very comfortable. The new Feather did have a little break-in time. After that, the SPRINTWEB technology opened a little and conformed to my foot. After two sessions, it fit almost perfectly. Overall, I would definitely suggest this shoe to anyone who wants to add speed to their game without compromising durability. A 4 out of 5 in my book.

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