adidas Energy Boost 2 Running Shoe Review
It's been a while since I've been this excited about a new pair of running shoes. The adidas Energy Boost 2 are, without a doubt, my new favorite shoes. I realize these have been on the market for a few months and I'm just sad it took me this long to try them.

They are extremely comfortable right out of the box. The upper is made with Techfit™-- a flexible textile – which wraps around my foot snugly. It provides a very secure feeling without being too tight. I often have trouble with the toe box being too small, but this new Techfit solves that problem. Your toes can move around comfortably yet there is no extra room, the fit is truly adaptive to your foot. The padded tongue and flat laces add to the overall comfort of the shoe. The heel is especially comfortable from the very first run.

Like it's predecessor, the entire midsole is made of Boost. While soft and cushioned, the Boost midsole is also durable and retains its integrity even through cold or hot weather. I've talked a lot about the energy responsiveness of Boost in this blog and I am a big fan. My feel and legs are noticeably  less tired after a run. For me, the biggest pro about the Boost is that it makes you want to keep going.

In my opinion, adding Boost to the entire midsole makes each step even smoother and more responsive.

While the bounce and cushioning may be good for those with high arches, I do not fall into this category. The Boost is interesting. It has enough cushioning to keep it comfortable yet, on shorter runs, it's stable enough for me, and I overpronate. And, while the adidas Energy Boost 2 is a neutral running shoe, I haven't missed the added stability. However, I am thinking of adding some Superfeet for my longer runs just in case. These shoes are light enough (8.5 ounces for women) that I don't think the addition of an insole will make a big difference. Maybe I'm just used to running in heavier stability shoes, but these do feel lightweight. They aren't as light as the new Mizuno's, nor are they as breathable, but with the right socks, they also don't make my feet too hot.  (Granted, it hasn't been very hot outside so I might change my mind on that this summer.)

Aesthetically, I love the bright blue of my shoes. The color is fun and really pops. Officially, it's a Solar Blue/Tech Grey Metallic.

Bottom line? The adidas Energy Boost 2 running shoes are extremely comfortable and the full Boost midsole makes the ride smooth and offers enough energy return to make a noticeable difference.

Check out the adidas Energy Boost 2 for women and adidas Energy Boost 2 for men.