Johns Hopkins Health Talks Tennis Elbow
For most people, playing tennis is all about fun and fitness. While failing to play your best can be frustrating, there's almost nothing that's worse than playing in pain. Sometimes even small, nagging injuries can spoil your tennis outing or—worse—your whole season.

The Spring 2014 issue of Johns Hopkins Health magazine features an excellent article discussing tennis elbow and managing the condition's symptoms. While the article emphasizes that resting your arm will improve the symptoms, Johns Hopkins orthopedic surgeon Edward McFarland, M.D. suggests trying an over-the-counter brace that applies force to the area just below the elbow. These inexpensive braces may provide some relief, allowing players to continue playing and having fun.

As always, if the pain persists, players should take some time away from the game to rest and see their doctor about treatment options.

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