Suunto Ambit 2R: A GPS Watch Designed with Every Runner in Mind
Finnish sport watch manufacturer Suunto has added a new member to the Ambit family: the Ambit2 R. Unlike the Ambit 2 and Ambit2 S, which were designed, respectively, for mountain/trail adventurers and triathletes, the Ambit2 R is designed completely for runners.

Suunto Ambit

Whether you’re looking to explore new trails, keep key, real-time metrics on your run, or use the watch as your coach for pre-loaded or customized workouts, Suunto has several features to keep accurate tabs on your run. Essential elements of the Ambit2 R include:

  • Full-featured GPS - Includes Navigation and Routes; connects rapidly to satellite.

  • MovesCount Interface - Download apps, load workouts, share your runs, and more.

  • App Zone - Use apps like Interval Coach, Ghost Runner, Running Efficiency, and Marathon Estimate.

  • Cadence - Track how many steps you are taking during certain time intervals.

  • Real Time VO2 Max - Get a VO2 measurement mid-run to see how hard you are working.

  • Customized Workout - Develop your own workout, load it, and execute on the roads or trails.

  • Track back / Find back - If you get lost, these features direct you back to the starting point of  your run.

To learn more about the Suunto Ambit2 R, watch the video below. Suunto Representative Jamie Heaney explains how this watch caters to every runner’s needs.

[youtube id="pTD0JfUb5Rc" width="620" height="360"]

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