As Seen In: Competitor Magazine's 2013 Gift Guide for Runners
In the 2013 Competitor Gift Guide there is an entire section devoted to recovery. It makes perfect sense, sports therapy and recovery items make perfect gifts for runners: every runner needs them and they are one size fits all.

Here are a few of our favorite things featured in the Competitor Gift Guide 2013:

Pro-Tec Orb Massage Ball

For a focused massage the orb ball is perfect. You simply roll it over your target area, creating as much, or as little, pressure as you prefer. To relax your muscles and provide Myofascial release, simply roll it repetitively in small circles. Or, roll the ball down the entire length of your muscle to increase flexibilty, and reduce muscle tightness and fatigue.
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Moji 360 Foot Massager

Already one of our holiday gift picks, the Moji 360 Foot Massager is a god-send to anyone with sore, aching feet. It consists of freely rotating spheres to dig deep into sore tissue. It's very easy to use, sit down and roll your foot (either barefoot or in socks) back and forth across the different zones for relief and revitalization. The Moji 360 consists of two zones.

Zone 1:

  • Seven small spheres provide a comforting massage.

  • Great for tight arches, sore toes, and painful heel.

Zone 2:

  • Two large massage spheres dig into tissues for the ultimate in relief.

  • Great for plantar fasciitis.

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Trigger Point The Grid Mini Foam Roller

You can take this with you anywhere! It's small enough to fit easily into your bag, allowing you to give yourself a targeted massage anywhere and anytime. The Trigger Point Grid is unique in that it features Distrodensity™ Zones. These include high and firm sections that act as fingertips and tubular sections that act as fingers for a unique and precise massage.
What are some of the benefits of the Trigger Point The Grid Mini Foam Roller?

  • Allows blood and oxygen flow.

  • Helps maintain flexibility.

  • Compliments recovery process.

  • Perfect for pre or post workout.

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110% Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit

If you or someone you love is suffering from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ankle tendonitis, ankle sprains or any other common running ailment, you need to try this 110% compression and ice kit.

The 110% Compression Sox offers a gradient compression to enhance circulation. Their exceptional comfort is due to the roomier toe box, compressive arch support, non-binding top, anti-chafe padding on the foot ball and ankle and anatomically accurate designs for both the left and right foot. The flow mesh stitch pattern enhances ventilation for more comfortable running in any weather, while moisture wicking helps you stay dry. The socks are also antimicrobial to prevent various foot fungus.

The 110% Compression Ice Sleeve lets you easily insert the 110% Reusable Ice Inserts to help prevent swelling and reduce inflammation. The sleeve has openings at the arch of the foot, ankle, and just below the knee and fits perfectly over the compression socks.

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