Ask the Stringer: Is There a Way to Measure Tension Loss in My Strings?

Q: Is there a way to measure tension loss in my strings?

A: There are several commercially available products that can be used to test the tension of the strings in your racquet. Some of them are simple spring-loaded "dials" that twist the strings to get a reading. More high-tech products cause the strings to vibrate, and then measure the vibration frequency to calculate tension. It's important to note that these products don't necessarily provide accurate measurements since there are a number of variables (other than string tension) that affect the readings. Things like string gauge, string stiffness, and even string pattern can have an effect on the measurements produced; the end result is readings that may or may not accurately reflect the actual tension of your strings. However, these products can help you track relative tension loss with ease. The best course of action is to use the desired instrument to measure the tension immediately after stringing. Take note of this "baseline" measurement and take readings periodically as time progresses so you can track how much tension your strings have lost over time.

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