Ask the Stringer: Stringing Machines

Did you know that we employ two professional stringers, including a Master Racquet Technician? That's the highest level of achievement that United States Racquet Stringers Association (U.S.R.S.A.) offers. Jim, one of our stringers, is also a member of the prestigious “Wilson Stringing Team” which comprises the exclusive on-site stringers at the U.S. Open, Australian Open, and Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. If that wasn't enough, Jim is also recognized as one of the fastest racquet stringers in the world, with a personal best stringing time of 7 minutes flat.

Each week, our professional racquet technicians will answer your stringing questions.

Q: Which stringing machine is best to buy?

A: Which stringing machine to buy is a matter of volume and budget of the buyer. Some people buy a machine just for their own frames and some plan on generating income from home. At a minimum, I suggest a machine with a "fixed" clamping system where the clamp holding tension on the string is fixed to the base of the machine. Other that that, the rest is up to the buyer. While a drop-weight tensioning system is the least expensive and slowest means up pulling tension, it is very accurate once the user learns the proper way to use it.

Q: How often should someone check the accuracy of his or her machne?

A: On tour, we check the machines accuracy every morning. Of course, our clients performance and confidence in our work is of much greater consequence when compared to a recreational player having a weekend hit. In my shop and at home I calibrate every month or two. It very rarely changes.

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